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October 30, 2018

Cameron Champ

Las Vegas, Nevada

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Cameron Champ into the interview room. Cameron fresh off his victory last week at the Sanderson Farms Championship. Congratulations. If we could get you to take us back to Sunday and just what that meant for your career.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I think it just meant a whole lot because of kind of how I started. A little bit of nerves there and whatnot only being my second PGA Tour event as a tour member. Front side was a little rough. My caddie kind of kept me going, kept me positive.

And then on the back side, just slowly got things going. I think the big putt for me was on 10. (Indiscernible) Connors was hitting it close. Needed to make that putt on 13 and force him to make the (indiscernible) was huge for me just as a momentum boost for the rest of the round.

Then obviously the way I finished and the putter got really hot. Made the round. The putt on 16 just really I guess calmed me down for the last two holes.

THE MODERATOR: And wining so early in the season, just talk a little bit how that takes the pressure off with really now having a three-year exemption on the tour.

CAMERON CHAMP: It does a lot, yeah. Like you said, still kind of sinking in a little bit, kind of everything that I just did.

Yeah, just to have a place to play for three years, I mean, this is what I worked for my whole life. Just to have that just makes you feel stress-free out here now. It's just a great feeling.

THE MODERATOR: Before questions, one more. Just talk a little bit more about how the Web.com Tour helped prepare you. You got really hot there during the summer winning in Utah. A really good stretch there. Just how that tour helped teach you how to win basically.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I think it mainly just taught me how to score. It taught me how to be a professional golfer versus college golf. To me I think it's two different things just as far as being on your own schedule-wise, what you do during the week, how you practice, how you prepare.

Like I said, it just teaches you how to score. Feel like a majority of the courses on the Web this year feels like high teens, 20s wins. Taught me how to score, how to eliminate mistakes.

Then coming out here, just helped me have more of a comfortable zone, which I think has helped me in the first events.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Congratulations once again. We'll open it up to questions.

Q. (Audio issues.)
CAMERON CHAMP: Web was just huge key for me for that. The long season, like I said when I first turned pro, just maturity-wise, which was only nine, ten months ago, from then to now is dramatically different for me. I think I handled the situation on Sunday very well.

I knew I was kind of in a little rut and didn't have much going. I only hit one or two bad shots and was 1-over on the front side. I just kept going. I felt like previous -- if that was the beginning of the Web season I might not have done what I did. So I just think it prepared me mentally physically, and emotionally just to be able to control myself and just keep moving forward.

Q. Just back on the t long stuff, when you were young was there a point where you inside yourself realized, Wow, I do hit it far? A moment or something where it became apparent to you that you were much longer than everybody else?
CAMERON CHAMP: I was long as a kid, and as I got older and grew I kept getting longer and longer and longer as I grew. Everyone has kind of known I've been a long ball hitter.

I would say definitely in high school and college I wasn't as accurate either. I think this last year for me dramatically accuracy-wise with the driver has increased, which is good. Like I said, just kind of create some shots that are kind of my get-in-the-fairway drives. Once you get the rounds going and get comfortable, I kind of just let it go a little bit.

Q. You measure yourself against anyone?
CAMERON CHAMP: Do I measure myself up to someone?

Q. As you were growing up.
CAMERON CHAMP: Not that I can recall honestly.

Q. As a junior golfer who did you look up to? As you answer that question, did you ever rip out Sports Illustrated photographs of golfers and tape them up on your wall?
CAMERON CHAMP: Look up to? Obviously Tiger at that time; everyone looked up to Tiger. There was a local player in our area that I did as well. But, no, the Sports Illustrated stuff, not really. I never really did any of that.

Q. Can't rip out a computer online image, I guess.

Q. Do you sense or feel other touring professionals when you pull out the driver on the practice round kind of looking at you, seeing you hit driver?
CAMERON CHAMP: If they do I'm not really aware. Like I said, I just try to block that stuff out now. I understand it's something everyone is drawn to, but I just try to focus on everything else and just focus on the tournament.

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