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October 27, 2018

Brock Holt

Joe Kelly

Boston, Massachusetts - postgame 4

Red Sox - 9 Dodgers - 6

Q. In the first 24 innings here in LA the offense scores two runs, and then nine in the last three. Were you waiting for something like that to happen?
BROCK HOLT: I mean, yeah, we were scuffling. We were scuffling bad. And it kind of took a big hit from one of our guys to get everyone going, and obviously that was Mitch Moreland tonight. And after he did that, I think everyone kind of loosened up, and we started putting together good at-bats. And thankfully we did.

Q. For both you guys: It probably doesn't apply to you, did you hear Chris Sale try to pump you guys up? The manager mentioned that there was a lack of energy. I guess that would be natural after everything that happened last night. Did you talk about getting the energy back and Chris Sale getting fired up in the dugout?
BROCK HOLT: You weren't in there (to Joe). I was down in the tunnel I heard someone yelling. And Mookie came down, he was going down to watch some video. And I said, "Who's yelling up there?" He said "Sale". Oh, my god, he was mad at us. I think that kind of lit a fire under everybody. We didn't want to see him mad anymore. So we decided to start swinging the bats a little bit. And hopefully brings that fire tomorrow.

Q. Brock, obviously as somebody that is used to being in and out of the lineup, not necessarily playing every day, what's it like to see Steve Pearce step in today?
BROCK HOLT: Steve's been doing that since he came over to us. He's been a big part of our offense since we got him, and we're fortunate that we did. He's helped us get to this point and tonight he had two really big hits. Obviously the homer to tie it, and then the insurance in the last inning there. But he's been great for us and we're lucky to have him.

Q. Joe, how impressed were you with Eduardo Rodriguez was able to do? Secondly, did it feel like it took a while emotionally to get into that game and start making things happen?
JOE KELLY: That was really impressive. Obviously, he's a guy that hadn't started in a while. Pitch count down. He pitched yesterday. It's kind of been, I guess, the motto. Everyone's hanging this time of year, but it's one of those things where adrenaline helps a lot and Eddie is one of those guys who no matter how big the situation is, he's always calm, and he's always collected. But for him to go that deep in the game was really impressive. Every single game and every single night someone else steps up. It's been our mantra the whole entire season.

And energy-wise, we always bring energy down there in the bullpen. We have some fun, even during the World Series game, try to keep it the same as it has been. So to see Mitch, like you said, hit that bomb, then I had to get warm really, really fast, it was one of those things where I love all these guys, and it's kind of inspiring, especially from Mitch. He's a warrior. And for him to hit that bomb, me going in the game, the only pressure I felt was just not to let my teammates down only. And then get out of that inning and another homer to tie the game. And very, very excited. And tried to lock it back in, keep the score the same, and with the momentum we had, obviously you guys saw what happened, so I think that was a big part of it.

Q. When a guy like Rich leaves, do you guys get a better look at the game, like we haven't touched the ball all night, and now we're into their bullpen deep? Do you get that emotional response, now we have some momentum going, just a lift?
JOE KELLY: Sorry, Brock, but we were excited in the bullpen for sure. Rich Hill was absolutely on fire. That breaking ball is unreal. Even though it's not the most premium velocity, spins the ball well at the top of the zone, tunnels that right off his breaking ball. He's a very difficult at-bat. But for him to get out of the ballgame, us in the bullpen, we're excited.

And then from there, our guys have been doing it since day one, I don't know if it's a focus thing or game-planning or us having a good idea what to do, but we put together great at-bats, we make those guys work, and finish up from there.

Q. Long game last night, obviously -- this morning. Nate Eovaldi's story is still resonating. You lost the game, supposed to be depressing, did that have anything to do with what happened tonight?
BROCK HOLT: No doubt. I mean, what Nate did last night was one of the coolest things, one of the most impressive things that I've ever seen on a baseball field. And for him to take the loss last night, it wasn't right. But I think all of us in uniform, coaching staff, players, I mean, you saw what he did for us, and I think we took that and we didn't want to just let that performance just wither away. I was in left field last night in his fifth inning, sixth inning, whatever it was, he's at 90 pitches, and he's still throwing the ball 99 miles an hour. He gave everything he's got for us. And I think that speaks volumes to this team, how we all care about each other, we all love each other, and we play for each other. And he proved that last night.

And then tonight to be able to do what we did, after starting slow, I think that had a reason. That was part of it. Just let's get this win and do it for each other, and now we're one win away.

JOE KELLY: Like he said, that was unbelievable. It doesn't surprise me anymore. That guy is squatting 500 pounds pregame. He's an animal. He's a big, strong Texas kid. And he goes out there and battles. He's a gamer.

So to watch that performance as a pitcher, you know, there's no complaints. I woke up this morning sore, thought about Nate, and Nate's probably even more sore. Just try to get some momentum off that guy and come in the game, thinking to myself, if I could pitch half as good as Nate, it might go well. He grinded out there. And that was very, very impressive. And I don't think I've ever seen it on a baseball field before. It was awesome.

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