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October 27, 2018

Dave Roberts

Los Angeles, California - postgame 4

Red Sox - 9 Dodgers - 6

Q. Can you just take us through the decision to take out Rich in the seventh and go with Alexander and then Madson?
DAVE ROBERTS: Well, prior to that, before the top of the 7th was going on, it was a long sixth for us. And I had a conversation with Rich, and we talked about it. He said, "Keep an eye on me. I'm going to give it everything I have. Let's go hitter to hitter and just keep an eye on me." So right there, I know Rich did everything he could, competed, left everything out there.

So when I hear that and see what he's doing, and he goes out there, and you want him to go as long as he can. So the walk to Bogaerts, started losing a little bit, then got back into the next at-bat with Nuñez. So made some pitches that he needed to. So right there at that point you get an out and we're talking about hitter to hitter, guys on first base, and you've got a lefty on the bench or in the pen that has done it all year long, getting lefties out, and trying to keep those lefties on the bench, Moreland, Devers. So you figure you have a chance to get a guy who matches up really well against Holt, and then to potentially go to Vazquez and keep the other guys off the bench.

So it was more of just the conversation I had, and just realizing that, man, this guy gave it everything he had. And we've got to pick each other up.

Q. How rare was it to hear that (no microphone).
DAVE ROBERTS: I've never heard it. I've never heard it. You're talking about a World Series game where there's no margin up to that point, and there's a lot of emotion, intensity, effort, focus, and he did everything. He did everything to put us in a position to win a baseball game. And, again, we've got to do a better job of picking him up.

Q. What problems have you noticed with Kenley Jansen tonight and last night? And given his World Series performance last year, do you think it's more of a mental thing or maybe more physical thing?
DAVE ROBERTS: I definitely don't think it's physical. I know that coming into last night he had five days off. And he was as fresh as any of our relievers.

Mental, there aren't too many more mentally tough than Kenley. I think it's just one of those things where you look at the three innings he's thrown, he made a lot of quality pitches, and the two mistakes he made, the cutters didn't cut and he gave up two homers. I don't think it's a mental or physical thing.

Q. You were trying to do your best to stay away from Baez?
DAVE ROBERTS: Yes. Baez and Urias were down.

Q. Baez was down no matter what?

Q. I realize that Boston came with a more rested bullpen, thanks for Eovaldi soaking up six innings yesterday, and you using all your relievers. Getting back to the point that you said about trying to avoid Devers, you had Floro in the game at that point. Was there some thought to perhaps walking Devers rather than giving him the chance to giving them the go-ahead?
DAVE ROBERTS: No, I thought about that, but what happens is you bring Mookie into play. You walk him, you get Kinsler and then you get Mookie into play. You have to pick your poison with the open base, and then you have an MVP.

Q. How about Wood there? Was that a chance?
DAVE ROBERTS: No, because you have two guys left in the pen. If you're going to go hitter to hitter, you've still got no one in the pen left.

Q. You got asked a couple of times at Fenway about sticking with Madson, especially with runners on. You went to him again today. Is that because there are no other real options with guys down, or do you still feel that's your best option regardless of what happened earlier in the series?
DAVE ROBERTS: Well, tonight considering we had Julio, who's done a great job, you have Pedro, who's done a really nice job, as well, and you've got Ryan, who has a very good track record of getting righties and lefties out, and actually left-handers considerably more, and we just didn't execute. Moreland hit a changeup first pitch that was up, and he got the prior hitter to pop up to the catcher, and he made a bad pitch and unfortunately Mitch took a really good swing on it.

So in that spot right there, considering who you have left in the pen, you have to make a decision. And I felt that Ryan still had a very good chance to get him out.

Q. This is maybe a little unexpected but President Trump tweeted about you and your moves tonight. I don't know if you heard about that.
DAVE ROBERTS: I didn't hear about it.

Q. He was critical and said, "Watching the final innings it is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who was loose and dominating through almost seven innings, Rich Hill, and brings in nervous hitters who get shellacked. Managers do it all the time, big mistake." What is your reaction to that? I had to ask the question, sorry, Dave.
DAVE ROBERTS: The president said that? I'm happy he was tuning in and watching the game. I don't know how many Dodger games he's watched. I don't think he is privy to the conversation. That's one man's opinion.

Q. How do you recover from the range of emotions within the last 24 hours from the elation of early this morning to something that was devastating to watch?
DAVE ROBERTS: It is a tough loss. Any loss in a World Series is difficult, obviously, but now we're in a situation where we're do or die. To their credit, they fought back and won a baseball game. So now it's kind of we've just got to bow our necks and try to win a baseball game and it's one day at a time.

Q. If you've seen everything the National League had to throw at you this year and even though you didn't see the Astros and the Yankees, is it just that simple that the Red Sox are just the best team in the league, their 108 wins in the season, and what they've done in the postseason, is kind of a testament to that?
DAVE ROBERTS: Obviously, the 108 wins speaks for itself in the regular season. They're very balanced. They pitch well. They put together good at-bats. They play defense. But, you know, we've still got to play. And we're not out yet. We've got to go out there and still, yeah, respect what they've done but our guys aren't done. We've got our best going tomorrow and we're expecting to win a baseball game.

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