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October 27, 2018

Cameron Champ

Jackson, Mississippi

THE MODERATOR: 54-hole leader after being the 18-hole leader and the co-36-hole leader. Obviously having a great week. 17-under, 64 in the third round; four-stroke lead going into the final round. What are your thoughts on today's round?

CAMERON CHAMP: Obviously today went great. Just felt like I executed all the shots that I wanted to. Got a few kind of swing tips from my coach Sean Foley last night from yesterday's ball striking. Just something simple, which always seems to be that way.

The range session this morning went smoothly. Just thought I would just keep up with my game plan. Like I said, took advantage of the par-5s; made the putts when I needed to. You know, today, like I said, I was able to give myself a lot of chances.

THE MODERATOR: Would you care to elaborate on the tips he gave you, or is that something you want to keep secret?

CAMERON CHAMP: No, I just get really short with my backswing and I don't allow enough time to lay it off at the top. When I get short I get kind of overplaying and I get swiping left, which it's been that way for a while. Same things.

Like I said, kind of worked it out on the range this morning and it was good.

THE MODERATOR: Before we take some questions, you were mentioning No. 12 was a moment that kept some momentum going in your round. Talk about that hole a little bit.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I had a flier lie in the rough. I think we had 105 and 116 to the pin. I was just trying to hit a little soft 54, but it kind of scooted right off the face and landed on the back side.

Kind of had a tough chip. I thought, you know, take a chance and try to scoot it up the hill and just leave it there instead of flopping it all the way off the front of the green.

Then obviously luckily I was able to chip in from there.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take some questions.

Q. How nice was it today just to go out and play and not worry about the elements? Not a lot of the wind, no cold, no rain. Play with a clear mind an just rip it.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I mean, I felt like today was a very scorable day, obviously looking at the scoreboard. And, yeah, I felt like a day like today all the guys took advantage of the par-5s; the par 4s we were having mid-irons in to wedges and the greens are rolling perfect right now.

So I was definitely excited for that. Like I said, today I was able to execute the shots when I needed to and also make the putts.

Q. What clubs did you have in for your second shots on the par-5s?
CAMERON CHAMP: I hit 8-iron into 3; I hit 4-iron into 5; 11 I hit 8-iron; 14 I hit 6-iron.

Q. 13, the par-3?
CAMERON CHAMP: I hit 9-iron.

Q. You're left with the chip for par on 12. Was there any nerves? What was the feeling before that shot and then the feelings after seeing that shot go in?
CAMERON CHAMP: Well, yeah, it was an extremely difficult shot. Like I said, there was -- I had to take one of the misses, either leaving it short or chipping it all the way off the green.

So I wasn't trying to get too cute with it. If I got lucky and it just barely trickled over, great. If not, I would just take that chip and live with it.

Like I said, luckily I was able to pull it off and make a nice par.

Q. You have your dad here, right?

Q. Do you anticipate or kind of a father/son stay in the moment, stay focused on the task at hand? How significant has he been with that kind of mental/emotional support when you get in situations where things could go a number of different ways?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, definitely I think he's always been there for me. He's seen the good and bad. I feel like I've grown as a player and understand how to approach the game when you're in this position.

Yeah, I'm just going to keep playing like I have been and just not worry about anything tomorrow.

Q. Entering Erin Hills in contention, what did that do for you and what did you learn from that? How did that maybe change you as a player?
CAMERON CHAMP: I would just say nerves. That was probably the most nervous I've ever been. I think just the position I was in. Played very well Thursday, Friday, and Saturday actually played pretty well as well. Few swirly tee shots that cost me.

Yeah, I mean, I think it's just more confidence, just knowing I could play with those guys at the time, knowing I had the ability to but still had it grow as a player.

Q. Does that change how you looked at yourself? You had the great summer after that, too. Was it all just riding off that confidence or were you just playing well that summer?
CAMERON CHAMP: I would definitely say riding off the confidence a little bit. I just think through that qualifier, making it through and the US Open playing well, just kind of momentum kept going.

THE MODERATOR: You won early this year on the Web.com Tour. You've played a number of PGA TOUR events. How do you anticipate tomorrow going? Obviously you mentioned today that you weren't that nervous considering. You anticipate being nervous tomorrow and how will you handle that?

CAMERON CHAMP: I mean, I definitely think it'll creep in. If someone said it wouldn't they'd probably be lying. I'm just going to talk with my caddie every shot, try to focus on each shot, one shot at a time, and just fare from there.

Just like I said, today I wasn't really nervous but I could feel the juices going and the excitement and whatnot. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow and getting after it again.

Q. When you won in Utah, that was a course that was a lot of birdies and you had the lead. Is this the same thing where you really, even though you have a 4-shot lead, you can't really protect and think you can just coast with pars?
CAMERON CHAMP: No, definitely not out here. If we have another day like today guys can shoot 7, 8-under pretty easily, I would think, if you have a good ball striking, putting day.

Just going to keep doing what I did today or the last three days. Keep hitting it like I am and execute the shots and make the putts, we'll see how I fare after tomorrow.

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