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October 26, 2018

Shawn Stefani

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Playing golf in these conditions, this course is kind of like deer hunting, right?
SHAWN STEFANI: Yeah. (Laughter.) I'm glad I'm out here playing golf, but with this weather I would much rather be deer hunting.

Q. It was did good day though. Tough conditions, and I thought you hit the ball really well. Aside from the one shot that got away from you at 16, played really good.
SHAWN STEFANI: Yeah, I did. It was just a solid day. Kept the ball in front of me, drove it well, and then hit some good iron shots and made some putts.

Typically when you do that you play well, but just a bad swing on 16. Just happens.

Q. You hit over 100 feet of putts; salvage bogey at 16 with a 9-footer, then bounced back with a birdie from 22 feet. I mean, putter was really good.
SHAWN STEFANI: Yeah, you know, it's not a shock, but I haven't been putting my best coming in. It's nice to finally see the ball getting in the hole. Once you see that you can kind of gain some confidence.

The greens out here are perfect. As long as you read them correctly and get the speed right, it's kind of hard to miss.

With that being said, I grew up on bermuda. Coming into weekend, I look forward to my chances.

Q. It's going to get warmer. Excited about the weekend?
SHAWN STEFANI: I am. It's just nice to make the weekend. I love this tournament. This is actually one of my favorite events to come to. To play well here is always good.

With it warming up and having some sun this weekend, it's going to be nice.

Q. You have two 68s here. Last year you finished tied for 10th. How familiar are you with the golf course and how much did that help you out this round?
SHAWN STEFANI: You know, I am pretty familiar with it. I think I've played here since they started hosting the tournament here. I really like it here. I grew up on bermuda grass. It's nice to get back to bermuda grass.

Just being here makes me feel good and kind of brings out some confidence in me. It's always nice coming back.

Q. You are somewhat of a new dad to little Brantley; also building a new house in Houston. How have you been able to balance tour life with all things going on at home?
SHAWN STEFANI: Well, I've got give credit to my wife because she's the angel who's dealing with all of it when I'm gone. So, Honey, thank you for everything you do. I know it's very tough on you.

But, you know, it's hard when I'm on the road because I can't help out here. My wife is back home doing everything. Thank God she's a strong woman and she loves me very much, because she's doing everything she can to take care of everything back home and making sure Brantley is taken care of and the home the right way.

It's tough for me, but it's way tougher for her.

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