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October 26, 2018

Cameron Champ

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Cameron, there were a couple times in the round that we could see that you were visibly frustrated. How did you handle yourself and continue with the patience?
CAMERON CHAMP: I just kept playing. Obviously today was a struggle ball striking-wise. Off the tee just couldn't find the fairways. Something a little bit off.

I just kept plugging away at it, getting up and down when I needed to, stuff like that. Had some good birdies coming in and obviously my finish wasn't as good.

I'll take a 2-under today the way I was hitting it and whatnot.

Q. Especially when you're the co-leader heading into the weekend. Now based off prior experiences, what can you draw on from the past that will help you?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just continue what I'm doing. You know, if I'm not having a good day ball striking, just do what I did today. Just manage the lies, the ball in the rough. I think my caddie and I did that very well today since I was in the rough most of the time.

I think just stick to my game plans, stay positive, and just keep making aggressive swings.

Q. Over these last two rounds is there anything you've learned about yourself? This is only your second PGA Tour start as a member? What kind of things are you learning? Is it all coming so fast?
CAMERON CHAMP: I think if I play just average golf it can do a lot. Like I said, today was very big struggle for me, but I was able to post something under par, which was huge.

Just knowing that it kind of takes a little stress off. I just think you just go out and play your average day. You're going to hit some close, make some putts and whatnot, and at the end of the day the score will be what it will be.

Q. And finally, not to make any excuses, but windy out there at points and obviously the cold played a factor. How did that affect your game?
CAMERON CHAMP: Not too much. Obviously the cold at the end got pretty chilly, but I'm used to wind. I was definitely in a comfort zone I guess you could say.

Obviously tomorrow I hope to hit it just a little bit better.

Q. Playing with Norman tomorrow in the final group. Obviously teammates. What's the relationship like? Are there times you've gone head to head? What's your background with Norman?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, haven't gone head to head. We've played in tournaments together in college and whatnot. But, yeah, it'll definitely be fun. I haven't played with Norman since the Walker Cup.

Obviously we're pretty good friends, so it should be a fun day tomorrow.

Q. Does that help at or, or does it not matter who you're playing with?
CAMERON CHAMP: It doesn't matter. I would think it would help a little bit, just our comfort zones, probably both of us being I guess in this position for the first time really on the PGA TOUR. That will be kind of nice to have.

Like I said, you're always rooting for your buddies, but at the same time want to beat them, too.

Q. Being in that position, I mean, yesterday having the lead, still in the lead, what did you expect with the weekend?
CAMERON CHAMP: Obviously I just want to keep playing like I am. Obviously today I really struggled biking-wise, but I think it was just something simple, like everything is with golf.

But just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Today I posted 2-under kind of playing pretty bad in my mind ball striking-wise, but I was able to score.

So I think if I can just piece things together like I did the first round, I'll be okay.

Q. Is that something that your game has kind of matured in, the fact that that's what golf is? No one is going to have their A stuff. The fact that you were able to shoot 2-under with nothing really.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I would definitely say so. I think in junior golf and college that would've been a 4- or 5-over over round. Like i said, at the end I actually got it going and made a few bogeys coming in. But I'll definitely take that going into tomorrow.

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