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October 26, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Shanghai, China

Q. Your second consecutive 68, how good was that?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Good again, really, especially the back nine, I felt like I swung it really well for a good period of time there. That's the most comfortable I've felt on the course this week, and it really wasn't easy today.

The wind was completely switched; especially the first few starting out, it makes them holes a lot more difficult. Once you got through those holes there might have been a chance coming up, but you still have to hit the ball well and you still have to hit good shots.

I did most things well. A couple of really good bunker shots on 12 and 13 really kept momentum going, and then good stuff, really, the last few.

Q. And birdieing the last?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Left myself a bit of work to do. Those ones can be stinkers, but yeah, leaves the day feeling a lot better when you birdie the last.

Q. Anything you'll change going into the weekend?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Not really. Just keep working. Keep setting goals for the day. Whatever your swing thoughts are, go out with them, and trust whatever happens, happens, doesn't it. But we'll be trying our hardest and hopefully we can just continue to do the same kind of stuff as today. Today was really good, so hopefully I can build on that.

Q. You made a charge on the back nine. Just wondering your thoughts on how you played today.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It was good. It was better. But the first few, again, just found myself getting a little bit ahead of the ball into the wind, and then I actually put a couple of really good swings and iron shots on 5 and 6 and then carried that through.

Felt like I played really, really well. Especially the back nine, I felt like even the shots like 12, I hit a really good iron shot there and just came up a bit short. That hole was playing really long.

It was a good day because today wasn't easy with the wind and the way the course played today. It was a tough day to score. Anything under par today was going to be good.

Q. You and Justin played very well together. You're just a few back heading into the weekend. Just your thoughts on chasing Tony down?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's great to be up there. Another day tomorrow. Another long day tomorrow. Just go out, whatever the targets are that we set or whatever the swing thoughts are, we'll just go and concentrate on them. All you can do is try and do your best and hit shots. If I can play like I did today, I'll be very happy with whatever comes after that, whatever score it is.

Tony is great and he's due a win to be fair. He's done everything else this year, so I wouldn't put it past him or hold it against him if he did get the win, but there's a long ways to go. Two rounds left.

Q. What about Francesco's comments about you? Three words to describe Francesco.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Beautiful Italian man.

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