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October 26, 2018

Justin Rose

Shanghai, China

Q. Bogey-free 67 in those conditions. How would you rate that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, actually I didn't realize it was bogey-free until I started talking to some reporters over there. Bogey-free today is probably the most impressive thing of the round for me. Tricky out there. It's a golf course that rewards good play.

Obviously I'm playing well. Hit my irons well and finding some birdies out there but it wasn't easy for sure. Obviously windy yesterday, so everything felt different and every line was a new line off the tee. So no time to get comfortable from yesterday's round and come out today.

I think the weather looks good the next two days, a little less wind. Right now I like the way the course is playing.

Q. So control is the key out there today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think so. Trying to keep the ball out of the wind. There's quite a few crosswinds wind shots today, so a well-struck shot doesn't move on the crosswind.

So you are always trying to hedge your bet and trying to pick what is an intelligent line, for example, No. 17 today, anything drifting right of that pin goes down in the water.

So you're trying to hit a solid shot off the left-hand side, and I hit a solid shot off the left-hand side which didn't move on me which was a tough up-and-down. A snapshot of decisions that you need to make out there but you always need to miss in the right spots to give yourself a chance.

Q. How are you feeling mentally compared to where you were this time last year?
JUSTIN ROSE: Fairly similar. I came into this tournament last year off a bunch of Top 10s. I was feeling comfortable with my game and I feel a similar spot right now and I feel there's nothing to lose.

Obviously there's the added incentive of trying to get the 2019 PGA TOUR season off to a good start, so there's the mental freshness that that gives you, but yeah, I feel like I'm in a similar spot.

Q. Shot of the day?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, the 4-iron into 18 probably. Fooch and I were debating whether to hit 4-iron there and I took a slight chance. I needed to catch every single piece of it and I ripped it in there. So that was good.

The 5-iron I hit into No. 15, even though it didn't end up close to the hole, that to me was almost my swing of the day just in terms of what I was trying to execute and what came out of the barrel.

Q. Best par in your bogey-free round?
JUSTIN ROSE: 17 was a tough up-and-down. Such a quick chip off the topside there, and I played it really, really well. Almost overplayed it. Left it short and had a tricky read, really fast down hill right-to-left putt. I played the break and dropped it in the front edge.

Luckily I wasn't thinking about going bogey I-free. One of those rounds that snuck up on me. Obviously I stayed nice and focused, although the group was really relaxed. Playing with Tommy is always good fun, and Brooks obviously not having a great tournament so far, but he was super relaxed because, you know, I think he realizes you can't be too intense when things aren't going your way, especially off the back of a win, just try and accept it and just have a hot weekend and have fun out there, which is cool.

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