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October 25, 2018

Cameron Champ

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Talking about the driving distance, 347 yards driving and right up to a final holed birdie. Talk about the game you've been able to develop over last year with the Web.com and now to the PGA TOUR?
CAMERON CHAMP: Really just learning how to score. That's mainly it. Come out here and it felt very similar. It's a very scorable course. Obviously with the conditions today I just thought if I stuck to my game plan and just hit quality shots - don't have to hit anything crazy - and just one thing led after another, started making some putts.

Key up and downs on 16 I think was the biggest one for me, and finished with a nice birdie on 18.

Q. So you graduated from the Web. Played at Safeway; made the cut. Now what has carried over as far as momentum and maybe a building block to this round?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, definitely. That's what me and my caddie always try to talk about, is build momentum, especially with the start of the season. I think that's huge with these four fall events. Just going to continue doing what I'm doing.

Q. Impressive round of golf. Numbers that stood out to me, your driving distance off the tee. We all know you hit it a long way, but you were 324 off the green and 16 of 18 greens. That's a really nice combination you put together.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, this course suits me very well. Figured that out during the practice round. Obviously going to use it to my advantage.

I know the rough here is pretty brutal in some areas, but today I drove very well off the tee.

Q. How much of a hindrance was the weather? There was rain, drizzle, cloudy conditions, stop/start. Do you play without a rain jacket?
CAMERON CHAMP: No, I did. I actually just took it all off because I was sweating. Yeah, coming out I knew the day was going to be hit or miss. We had a few holes where it was down pouring and we had a few holes where it was kind of perfect.

I knew today, getting close to a good number today in these conditions, it would definitely help.

Q. A lot of the people out here have really high expectations of you. Do you carry those yourself, or are you just feeling your way around?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, not anymore. I did that when I first turned pro and didn't turn out too well. I've set my goals and set them kind of small just to work my way up. That's the way I've I guess learned, and just how to deal with all the expectations.

It worked out middle of the season on the Web, and obviously playing well the last two events.

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