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October 25, 2018

Billy Horschel

Shanghai, China

Q. Great start to the tournament. What was going right for you out there today?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I was just playing smart. You know, it was some windy conditions, and I was just trying to make sure I hit good, solid golf shots. I was picking the right shot to play into the wind and put it on the right side of the hole if I did miss and I was lucky enough to hit some good golf shots and make some putts out there.

It was nice to see some of the hard work I put in earlier this week pay off in the first round.

Q. Tuesday, you were grinding out there for awhile. What were you working on? Looks like you got it figured out?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I was grinding Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was up with the sun and down with the sun. Just trying to figure out how to hit the golf ball again. I was struggling with my swing last week a little bit and just trying to find something to be able to play this week. It was just tinker here, tinker there and figure something out. Hit some good shots yesterday coming in and felt a little bit comfortable with what we were doing, and I didn't putt well last week, which was a big thing. I was just happy to figure it all out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Feel comfortable waking up this morning coming out to this round and play really good golf in what was somewhat of tough conditions.

Q. With this being a WGC, more FedExCup points this week, you have to be pleased to be off to this start.
BILLY HORSCHEL: I am. I haven't played as well the last two weeks as I wanted to maybe give myself maybe a jump on the FedExCup. But I have this week left to try and play well and I've got México, Mayacoba, in two weeks. I've got a good chance to just try and improve my position before the fall ends, because I want to have some points and get myself up somewhere near the top and at least give myself a little breathing room as January starts.

Q. Being a former FedExCup Champion, how excited are you about the new format for THE TOUR Championship and the additional bonus pool for the FedExCup Champion in the new season?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I think everyone's happy that we get paid more. You know, FedEx is an unbelievable partner. They have been one of our longest partners, if not our longest partner on the PGA TOUR. For them to commit to us and understand the value the players have and believe in us as a player and as a tour, and feel like they want to commit even more money with us and extend our partnership is awesome.

The new scoring system, new way it's going to be decided, I'm not against it. I understand that we're trying to make it easier for everyone to understand it. I think they have done that.

I think that it's great that we at least know where we stand and we at least know what's going on and we don't need Steve Sands in front of the TV anymore. I love Steve to death but he can go ahead and get fired from that job now and do something that's more important.

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