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October 19, 2018

Ryan Braun

Mike Moustakas

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - postgame 6

Milwaukee - 7, Los Angeles - 2

Q. You come into this game obviously down 3-2 in the series and then that first inning, more offense than we've seen in a while. Talk about how much that changed things for each of you.
RYAN BRAUN: Especially after they jumped ahead on David Freese's homer, I thought it was incredibly important for us to answer back as quickly as possible, keep the crowd into it, keep the pressure off of us. Obviously you just want to find a way to score one in the first or second inning.

To score four right there was very encouraging, I think it was inspiring for us for the rest of the game and encouraging for us to move into tomorrow there were a lot of guys who had good at-bats in the first inning.

Q. Craig was talking about a day in St. Louis that turned it around for you. Can you take us through what changed and you spent your entire career here, what's it like to be going into Game 7 in the NLCS.
RYAN BRAUN: I think for us we felt like our postseason started at that time. And I think that's when baseball is most enjoyable. Most enjoyable for me or for any of us that have been playing for any time. I just woke up, had added adrenaline, enthusiasm to play in that series, I felt good physically. And I've been able to carry it on over the last few weeks.

As far as being here for my whole career, playing Game 7 it means the world. It's exciting for me and everybody in the organization, exciting for our fans. I'm sure the energy and enthusiasm in the ballpark will be unlike any of us have experienced tomorrow. I'm just as excited as anybody else will be tomorrow.

Q. If I remember right I think you said years ago when you committed to sign here for a long time, it would be more to win it here once than it would multiple times somewhere else. What was sort of that statement all about? And I'm sure you still feel that way, but now you're so close to it, why?
RYAN BRAUN: It's about the amount of time I've spent here, everything I've been through in my career playing here. The relationships I have, not just with the players, the coaches, the strength coaches, the ushers, the security guards, I have such a special relationship with the fans, the whole community here. And just understanding how much that would mean to all of them is the thing that makes me most excited about hopefully making it to the second World Series in Brewers history tomorrow.

Q. The highs and lows obviously have been well documented. When you were at the low point I guess in '13 did you ever doubt that you might have a night or opportunity like this again?
RYAN BRAUN: I think in 2016 when I was close to getting traded a couple of times, I think the conversation with David Stearns and Mark Attanasio was whether we would get back into a point where we were contending while I was here during the duration of my contract. I obviously didn't know that would happen.

And I think for any team that we've seen go through a rebuild phase, typically it takes longer than it took for us to get back to this position. There were certainly times I questioned it, because obviously what we kind of did and what the organization accomplished by getting us back to the point where we were at -- where we are starting last year, but also into this year, and being consistently competitive typically takes a lot longer than we saw our rebuild take.

Q. Moose, the offense was getting a little frustrated the last two games, the long game with one run, and obviously Kershaw is really great. What did it mean to break loose right away tonight? And it looked like the crowd got into it. It looked like the energy changed for this team right there and for the rest of the game you guys had it.
MIKE MOUSTAKAS: Like Ryan said, it was huge to be able to answer back in the first inning after the homer. One would have been great, two would have been awesome. To put up four right there just gives us a lot of confidence. And the ability to go throughout the rest of the game, just to keep adding runs on, and trying to build your lead and then turn it over to that bullpen. With the way Wade was throwing the ball for us today it was phenomenal.

And the excitement, the electricity in that stadium once we had that big first inning, it carried us throughout the rest of the game. And you can feel that as a player. You feed off of it. And it was an electric atmosphere in there tonight, for sure.

Q. Mike, you've been in the World Series obviously. So what's special about this group that you think you get back? For both of you, you've known each other for so long, what's it like to share in this moment together?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS: Every team is different. Every season is different. And with this group we have that "never say die" attitude. We're never going to quit, no matter what the score is, where we're at in the ballgame. Everybody pulls for each other. And that's just the sign of good baseball teams. And everyone is picking each other up if someone is not getting the job done. 1 through 10, 11, 12, we've got depth in the lineup, in the bullpen, we've got a great starting staff with being able to get into those games, and get into those bullpens.

As far as playing with Ryan, it's honestly a dream come true, man. When you're younger, you're a kid, from where I'm from and where he's from, you hear about how great of a ballplayer he is, and going up through the ranks, Little League and college and to be able to share the field with a true friend and go out there every day and grind it out with him, it's been awesome. It's been a lot of fun. And hopefully after tomorrow we get to keep doing it.

But it's just been such a fun ride to be able to come out here and go play ball with your friends.

RYAN BRAUN: Yeah, I mean I feel the same way. I've known Moose since he was in high school. I've been vouching for him since the off-season, I've had a lot of conversations with the front office and Counsell about trying to get him over here, because knowing what type of ballplayer and team member he is, he cares about winning baseball games as anybody in our League. And there's real value there.

It's special for me, it feels more meaningful to me to have an opportunity to play with somebody who is truly a friend of mine. I've known him since he was in high school, I've known Gio Gonzalez since he was in high school, as well. Playing with those guys has made baseball more enjoyable and more special.

Q. You were in the World Series twice with Kansas City in a team that hadn't made it the same length. Are there similarities sort of in the vibe around town or the ballpark that's gone so long without a World Series?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS: The buzz is real. You walk into the city or on your way home you see all the signs and fans wearing all their Brewers gear. You see the Braun jerseys and Chacin jerseys. The small-market atmosphere is more personable. It's fun to come out and enjoy this with the fans with this electric crowd. It's very similar as Kansas City in that way.

I've only been here for a couple of months. Ryan's been here for years. But the fan base has been here for however long. That's how we looked at it in Kansas City. We're here just to help to get to the World Series and win it. But the fan base has been fans for longer than I've been playing. It means so much for us to try to win it for them.

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