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October 14, 2018

Lukasz Kubot

Marcelo Melo

Shanghai, China


6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. What's your comments about today's performance? What's your guys' next goal?
MARCELO MELO: Today's performance was very good. I think we played, after every match, we played better and better since the first one. Today we knew we gotta put together everything we know to beat them. They are very good team.

But we did, last two matches, almost perfect towards our side, and today was another one. So I think we got all the energy and good things we did since last week in Beijing. So was very, very nice and another time here of course in China, Shanghai.

Next for us is going to be Vienna. Have one week off now and then Vienna and Paris, and this tournament we qualified for the finals in London. We are very, very happy with the way we are playing now. We hope to continue doing the same way.

Q. Congratulations, first. After winning the game, I think you did some maybe celebrity movements, like high leg lifts. What's that mean? Can you share something with us?
LUKASZ KUBOT: Yes, it's CanCan. It's my sign after winning the titles. I mean, I do it already a long time. It was an opportunity today after winning the title to do it, and I had to do it. I'm very happy that we won the last point here, and I could do the CanCan dance.

Q. I was wondering whether you noticed that two Brazilian football players come and watch your games? Have you noticed that?
MARCELO MELO: No. Sorry, I didn't know they were here.

Q. Marcelo, why have you been so successful here? You have reached the doubles final here more than any other player, and you have won more doubles titles here than any other player at this tournament.
MARCELO MELO: I think I really like to play here in China. Here, Shanghai, was very special moment for me in 2013 when I played with Ivan. Here I think was the first time we qualified for London after the title. Was my first Masters Series title, as well. So I had in my dream one day to win a Masters Series here.

So, I mean, this tournament is they do everything for us. We feel at home. We see a lot of Brazilians here in China. We have a lot of court to practice. Amazing food. They do everything for the players.

It makes me feel very comfortable to play our best game. I'm not saying just to say. You can ask every player, but for me it's special.

I was telling Lukasz, and Lukasz know that, as well, this is the best part of the year for us to play. Like you said, I won here three times. Last year we did finals. Every year looking forward to coming here to play in Shanghai, and I hope I keep doing this for many, many more years.

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