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October 14, 2018

Walker Buehler

Los Angeles, California - Workout Day

Q. You're known for your velocity, fastball. Could you talk to us about the development of the slider this year and how you attack hitters?
WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, obviously I had a couple of different iterations. And last year was more of kind of a cutter all year, and this year we came to the offseason and came into the spring trying to get more of a traditional slower slider and then developed the cutter and the slider. And in the middle of the year in St. Louis we found three different ones.

But you never really know what is going to be there on a particular day. So you have a couple of backups is a good thing for me.

Q. Where would you say your sense of remarkable cool and calm in crisis situations comes from? Well, it doesn't seem to phase you, when it phased a lot of people in the history of this game.
WALKER BUEHLER: Well, I would say that I'm no different from them. I would say Atlanta, the outing didn't go the way we wanted to. Especially in the situation that I was in, you could say that there was a little bit of nerves and anxiety but that happens. My first time there, I think I handled it fine. My heartbeat, I felt good with. And was more upset about kind of the decision to throw certain pitches.

But, no, I mean in college and in the conference like I did, I think you play in some games that at the time you feel have big meaning and stuff like that. So that kind of excitement and anxiety that you have before big games that I think is now foreign to me; but Major League playoffs definitely are. Having been there once there's not so much now.

But I think it's just the growth of playing in enough games and playing in enough games that you feel are really important that becomes a little bit more routine.

Q. How would you describe -- I don't know if the word is "comfort zone" -- a place to pitch where you can relax and bring your stuff when you're on the mound at Dodger Stadium. Is there a difference pitching at Dodger Stadium?
WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, I mean I've had some success on the road, as well. And obviously threw the ball pretty good at home. But that's what you're supposed to do. You protect your home-field and try and win games there and go on the road and try and win some there. So, no, obviously 50,000 Dodger fans behind you doesn't hurt. And sleeping in the same city that you're going to play in and not having to fly anywhere is big.

Q. Did you spend any time analyzing it or making any adjustments or was that kind of a quick page turn for you?
WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, I'm not much -- I don't go back and watch a whole lot. I know what happened and I was there. So I'm more of a positive feedback guy. So the only games I want to watch are the good ones and move forward and stick with what I have.

Q. When you mentioned "the good ones" that you might watch, obviously there are a lot to pick from this year. Are there any in particular that stand out when you're looking for that positive reinforcement?
WALKER BUEHLER: I think everyone is pretty well-versed in the idea of tapes, and I guess back in the day you would have a VHS tape. But to be honest with you, man, the kind of roll I've been on the second half, I feel like I've thrown the ball pretty well and haven't really needed to do a whole lot of that.

I watched some of that stuff, just watching the strikeouts from the year, after the Anaheim start. And that's when we were looking at differences and mechanical stuff. There's a benefit in doing that, but at the same time if I feel good with where I'm at I don't really need to go and do that stuff.

Q. (Question regarding Milwaukee's lineup.)
WALKER BUEHLER: They're good players, obviously they're better players right now in Yelich and Cain has been here and done that before, as well as Moustakas. They've got the two big righties with Braun and Aguilar. It's a pretty strong lineup.

And we've seen kind of what they can do. And they're not here by accident. So we have to go out and execute our game plan, but we're not here by accident, either, it should be a good game.

Q. Just to follow up on that, when you are watching any of your relief pitchers go to try to get Yelich or Cain or one of these guys out, is there anything you can pick up from that and incorporate into your own start?
WALKER BUEHLER: Yes and no. You can kind of watch a hitter's approach and kind of their presence in the box and be ready for that. But in terms of actual, Hey, this guy got out on this pitch, I don't think it really lines up too well for me with those two guys.

Q. Do you get a sense that this team has been a better comeback team since maybe September? I guess the perfect example being your start in Atlanta, and if so, why do you think that might be?
WALKER BUEHLER: Well, going back about pitching a big game, I think coming back is similar. The more times you do it, the easier it is for a team to do. And I think that's also a credit to our bullpen. It's been pretty undervalued and their ability to continue, even if the starting pitcher doesn't do well that day. If you keep putting up zeros you keep getting chances to pick up that lead.

So I think we played in a lot of games that is not necessarily do or die, but they're big games, and you can't panic, and you have to play 27 outs on both sides. The more we do it I think the easier it becomes.

Q. You had one year under Derek Johnson at Vanderbilt your freshman year, is that correct, in Nashville?
WALKER BUEHLER: He was in my freshman fall, yes.

Q. Knowing the revolutionary approach he took with things, does it surprise you that he's been able to translate success to the Big League level, the Brewers doing things in an unorthodox way?
WALKER BUEHLER: He was a big, big reason why I chose to go to Vanderbilt. But I think he's the guy that when it was the way he did things, and treating guys similarly, and being able to put his approach on everyone. And I'm not surprised that they've had success over there under him just because he's a special mind. And kind of recognized that when I was younger, and I basically chose to put my career -- it didn't work out that way. Obviously got an opportunity with Chicago.

But, yeah, it doesn't surprise me at all.

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