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October 14, 2018

Justin Rose

Walton on the Hill, Surrey, England

Q. After a slow start, some good stuff over the weekend?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. Yesterday was still pretty Wendy and tough and I managed to shoot 3-under.

Today was incredibly tough. We're actually about to see the leaders come into the back nine stretch and it's really playing tough out there, so obviously the guys are playing some great golf. There's a couple, obviously Eddie and Alexander Björk are under par for the day; it would be fun to see them hang on. The back nine is playing incredibly tough.

Q. How different are the conditions today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, Austin who I played with, hit wood into the par 4s on the back nine. Just shows you it's playing incredibly tough. You can hit the greens. The great thing about this golf course is you can run the ball into all the greens. Even if you are left long shots, you don't have to force the ball on to the green through the air. That's one good thing.

Long 2-putting is very tough out there. Obviously the greens have gotten slower as the week's gone on, especially with this moisture. But yeah, for me it was a fun grind, trying to make something of the week.

Q. Was this why you picked this golf course, because it's such a great test?
JUSTIN ROSE: I wanted a good test, yeah. I felt like the way it was set up today, we didn't have as many options with tees as we might need really with northerly wind, but brilliant golf course and obviously I love this style of golf when ten, 12-under par is a winning score.

Q. How much have you enjoyed being tournament host this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's been an honour, absolutely. I think the beginning part of the week, I wasn't feeling very well but through the weekend's been so much fun and I've really enjoyed the golf.

Q. A word on the leaders? Do you think this is Eddie's to lose?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, obviously, but Alexander is putting a lot of pressure. I think 9-under par is going to be the winning number. I think Eddie can afford a couple bogeys and I would be impressed if Alexander gets it in at 9-under. The closing stretch is really tough.

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