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October 14, 2018

Eddie Pepperell

Walton on the Hill, Surrey, England

Q. How pleased are you to have closed this one out?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Very pleased. It was a grind, tough day with the conditions. Played well, really, today, and just thankful I got myself a nice lead. I needed it.

So yeah, it was just a case of hanging in all day, really. It was miserable. When I said British weather yesterday, I didn't expect it to be quite so miserable, but you know, I'm thrilled to be stood here with the trophy.

Q. Start with the front nine. When you're out of position, you got up-and-down and made some crucial putts.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, very key. Kept my score around par or under, when I didn't deserve to, frankly. I knew that coming in was going to be really, really tough with the wind direction being different today to yesterday.

Yeah, there was some big putts. Good job, because I played awful, from 9 onwards. The only chance I had at making birdies and eagles was to hole the shot, so nice to do.

Q. Talk us through 10.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: It was an all right lie in the rough, 120 yard. Hit 9-iron and just came out perfect. Shows that you need those breaks to go your way sometimes to win, and it went my way this week.

Q. Were you feeling any pressure? Alexander didn't give up, did he?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: He didn't. I don't know what I was feeling. Sometimes I felt confident, and I wasn't too nervous out there. I was much more nervous yesterday. I wasn't really nervous -- maybe that's because the conditions were so brutal. It was just a case of just trying to hit it forward. But yeah, I felt like my emotions were pretty good and my temperament was pretty solid all week, really.

Q. Nice way to cap it off, par at the last, level par for the day?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I told myself, I didn't want to shoot over par. To be under par -- to have not shot over par around this week in the conditions we've had, I think is something I'm proud of.

Q. And to win on home soil?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, special. I felt like the crowd was there. When I holed putts, there were cheers. You know, it was a real privilege. For all my family to be here, really happy.

Q. With this win and what is does for your World Ranking, how much are you looking forward to the prospect of new tournaments all over the world next year?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Well, ask me that question in nine months. If I struggle, I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it. It's going to be a great opportunity for me to go out there obviously to America and play a few more majors and WGCs obviously. I haven't got my head around that, but I intend to.

Q. Nice to see Justin on the last?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I joked, I wish I had been confident enough to bring the bottle of wine, we could have opened it together but I'll definitely open it tonight.

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