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October 13, 2018

Eddie Pepperell

Walton on the Hill, Surrey, England

Q. That will go down as another decent day. If you look at it, it feels as though you're holding them at arm's length. Is that how it feels for you?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, probably. It would be nice to hole a couple of putts on the back nine for sure. Give myself a bit more daylight, you could say.

But you know, I'm confident that I can go out there tomorrow and shoot 3- , 4-under par, and make everyone else's life very difficult. New position for me. First time I've ever gone out there with a three-shot lead on a Saturday, so to have maintained it, I would say is not a failure.

Q. You feel very satisfying, surely?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I don't know when I'll ever feel satisfied but it's certainly not a failure.

Q. What were the keys today, and how different do you think tomorrow might be, having looked at the weather forecast, which is pretty grim?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I mean, looked this morning, it looked grim. It looked grim in the morning. Just been told I might be off at 1.00pm, so hoping the forecast stays true. Nasty thing to say, isn't it, really.

It's going to be different tomorrow. Less breeze but wet obviously and the course should play a bit longer. You could possibly see more birdies in that, and it might be easier to get more closer to the hole. It might play a bit longer. Tough to say. Looking forward to it.

Q. Do you feel as though your game, the low ball flight, the fact that it's been a fast running course so far, has been a big boon this week?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Maybe. I mean, driver's maybe been my best club, certainly today. 3-wood which I usually rely on has been terrible, and my iron play has not felt amazing. It's not been terrible but it's not felt great.

So I mean, I'm comfortable hitting driver out there tomorrow if need be. Certainly been very good with it and I have done for the last few events. That will be a nice challenge for me, actually, to have to hit more drivers would be something I would like forward to and get some feedback from and grow in confidence.

Q. How excited are you as a British player at the British Masters to be in this position going into the final round?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, it's cool. I think when you lead any golf tournament, it's pretty special. I'm having a hard time distinguishing the difference between this one and then the others, I'll be quite honest with you, because I'm so involved and immersed in the event, I would say.

I think, ask me in 24 hours when hopefully I've got the trophy, I'll be ecstatic. There's a lot of time between now and then obviously. Just want to go out there tomorrow, and looking back today, I did feel like I hit a lot of nice, solid shots. You know, that's going to carry on through tomorrow. If I can achieve that tomorrow, I'll be happy.

Q. When was the last time all three players had an eagle on the same hole?

Q. Did you say anything to each other?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Matt didn't speak to us much today. Matt was not his happy and usual self. They were probably flicking in wedges, where I was, I was 200 yards and a 9-iron. Yeah, it was on.

Q. You seemed to plot your way around very nicely and you kept your temperament very even. Is that something that you were particularly trying to do?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Definitely, when I bogeyed -- I made a stupid bogey on 13. I had an opportunity to pull away. If I had -- I didn't hit a terrible shot in there. It was a little firm and then gave myself quite a tricky 2-putt. If I could have birdied that and birdied 14, or parred and birdied -- I could have seen a scenario where I shoot 3- or 4-under par and give myself a nice, solid lead. I don't think I was very far away today. So I think I can do that tomorrow.

Q. But Matt was pressing and that seemed to cost him. Or do you not really pay attention to your competitors?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, Matt was playing to his strengths. He's great with a driver. He's going to press -- three or four times, I don't know how many times he's won this year, I'd expect him to press. I'm pretty comfortable playing my game obviously, and whatever everyone else does, good for them.

Q. What did you take from the win in Qatar?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Well, I remember feeling really comfortable with the lead. Same in Scotland. I felt very comfortable when I got into the lead. You know, I've felt comfortable today. I didn't see any shots that frightened me, and committed to a lot of good tee shots. You know, it's about time I kicked on and won another event, I would say.

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