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October 12, 2018

Eddie Pepperell

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. I take it you saw the hole-in-one overnight.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, watched it about a thousand times.

Q. Still believe it went in?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, my favourite commentary was Mark James in the commentary box. That made me laugh, the noise he made. Yeah, it was -- I think it's pitched in the hole, come back up. The thing is because there was no pitch mark, and it went in at quite a flat angle, so it's clearly gone in at the perfect angle and then just -- it's probably not gone to the bottom of the hole and probably just rimmed it round and spun out. But yeah.

Q. Something like that can kick start you because you went birdie-eagle after that?

Q. So you were obviously on some sort of a buzz?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I had that for a period.

Q. Is there something about your temperament, playing in the wind? You have a great record playing in the wind. Is there something that you particularly like about it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I've got a theory that everyone else gets worse. I don't get better. So I'm happy with that, you know. I honestly think that's what happens, yeah.

Q. Why don't you get worse?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I don't know. I don't tend to putt any better or worse when it's windy, and nothing really changes with me in the wind because my ball flight is quite low anyway. I like to see the ball low. If you're a low ball flier in these conditions, you've got to be. If you hit the ball high, as far as I can tell, it's very, very difficult in the wind. I don't think my game changes half as much as the modern player's maybe does in these types of conditions, so I think it plays into my hands. Having said that, if it's like last week, that was horrendous at times. If I start getting into a crosswind, I can start getting way too caught up with the wind and I end up losing all my foundations, and then I really begin to struggle. That's where I felt at the start of this week off the back of last week, and I think I'm still in that position despite obviously doing some good stuff out there. I'd like to -- I mean, I fatted two drivers today, I thinned two wedges. My low point was all over the shot really, and that happens to me when I play in a lot of wind.

Q. You're an old-fashioned sort of a player?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I would say I probably am, unfortunately.

Q. Would you say that you're quite unusual for modern golf?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Well, probably. I guess they definitely hit the ball shallower and higher. Yeah, I've worked towards that, but I've got my own little equilibrium which I need to try to tread. I still feel pretty comfortable. I feel like I've got enough of a modern shot in me. As far as I'm concerned, I think it's more important that you can hit a high 6-iron than bomb the driver 310. I'm not going to be able to do that. But as long as I can still flight my irons nice and highish when I need to, then I think I've got what I need.

Q. And you're not lacking personality; would you say that's quite unusual?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I don't know really. Yeah, maybe.

Q. Are you getting any closer to hitting your spots (indiscernible)?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I think so. The guy from IMG stood behind me, so I'll -- yeah.

Q. Good home support, yeah?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, yeah, really good. It's been brilliant. Great draw. Sam played great, Luke didn't play his game, but it's always great to play with Luke, so really nice. Really fun.

Q. Do you feel you've made big strides this summer?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I think I've made quite a big stride mentally. I remember the Scottish Open feeling very comfortable on the Sunday. I thought I was going to win all the way. I wouldn't have felt that before. I wouldn't have felt that at any point in the last five years. So I'd say psychologically I've progressed. My game clearly has. Yeah, you know, the last 18 months I've been on a nice little path.

Q. Were you look Matt Wallace looking in at the Ryder Cup and thinking, yeah, I want to be there?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Not when I was handfuls deep in Thornton's chocolates. I was quite happy where I was, frankly. And I wasn't feeling very well, so I was just on the sofa all week. Yeah, if I'm there, great. If I'm not, so be it. I love watching the Ryder Cup. It's a bit like the Masters or The Open. I always feel if I'm not there then I get to watch some TV, and if I'm there, I have to be stressed for a few days.

Q. So many of the guys say it is such a great event to be involved in. Would you not want to be part of one of those?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Of course. Of course I do. But you know, I'm going to let it come to me. That's for sure. If it happens, then great. If it doesn't, then -- but I'm pretty happy doing what I'm doing at the moment.

Q. If you are top 50 in the world next year, which it seems like you're going to be, are you going to adjust your schedule, take on a bit of America? Your life could change quite dramatically.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I'm not interested in playing over there in a full-time capacity for certain. I'm really happy where I'm at. The schedule suits -- their schedule actually suits -- I'd have to go over there initially, I think, and start the year. I'd like to play if I could a few around the majors and WGCs, and then as soon as we hit June I'll be over here again all the way through. I have no aspirations to go play over there any time soon. I'm quite happy -- yeah, as I've said recently, I don't want a spoiled American life. I feel like I get to see America five, six times a year, and I think that's perfect. And that's meant as a compliment as much as anything else because I want to enjoy it for what it is.

Q. Don't want to leave your dog behind, either?

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