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October 12, 2018

Jordan Smith

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. A slow start, but how tough is the start here at Walton Heath, those six holes?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, they're brutal, especially with the wind. They're all sort of back into the teeth. Sort of me and my coach just said, just get through the first six level par I'd be happy. Unfortunately I was 1-over, but I managed to tie that round, and yeah, middle six quite nice with the downwind and the short par-5s, so yeah, very happy with 6-under start.

Q. Talk us through that stretch starting with the 8th.
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, just sort of holed, what was it, a nice sort of -- more like 25 foot on 8, and then hit it to three feet on 9, and then hit it to sort of 25 foot on 10 and then six foot on 11. Hit a lot of good shots and a lot of good putts, which was crucial.

Q. Despite the two bogeys, are you pleased the way you closed out the round?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, those last few are difficult for me with the crosswinds, and missed a couple of greens in the wrong spots and left myself a lot of work to do on a few of the holes with sort of 40-, 50-foot putts, and with those short ones, you don't want to be level yourself with the wind. So yeah, that was the only thing that sort of let me down today were those short putts.

Q. Exciting prospect for tomorrow?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, really excited. I've got my girlfriend's parents coming down tomorrow, and my own parents, as well, so I know there might be a few other sort of members and friends coming to watch tomorrow, so it should be good fun.

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