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October 12, 2018

Minjee Lee

Incheon, South Korea

Q. 1-under for the day. At the moment you're three off the lead, maybe not quite the score you wanted but still, in a good position heading into the weekend.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I mean, finishing my round I wasn't hitting the ball very well. I mean, to get to finish with 1-under, I think I just had a lot of up-and-downs in there and just grinded my way through today. Hoping a better weekend.

Q. Cold and windy yesterday. Conditions maybe a little better today, but the pin positions looked a little more tough.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I think the pin positions were a little tougher today. Obviously a little easier conditions but still tough. The wind was still up here and there but in comparison to yesterday, it was easier.

Q. You said you weren't too happy with the way you were striking the ball coming into the finish, what do you think you need to work on going into the weekend?
MINJEE LEE: I felt like I wasn't getting too good contact on the ball, so I'm just going to hit some balls now and try to figure something out.

Q. You were playing with Sung Hyun Park, No. 1 fan favorite here. What's it like playing alongside here with these galleries?
MINJEE LEE: I mean, I know her pretty well outside of golf, as well. It was pretty fun to play with her. I played with her a couple times when she's had a lot of fans out. Yeah, it wasn't too crazy. I think it's what I expected.

Q. And the lead was changing hands a lot today. It's only the second round. Do you keep an eye on the leaderboard or is it too early in the tournament to do that?
MINJEE LEE: I pretty much know who is up there right now. But yeah, I mean, I'll keep an eye on it probably. See where I'm at. But obviously I can't do anything -- I mean, I can only control what I can control, so I'll just play my game and see where I finish.

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