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October 12, 2018

Charley Hull

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Four-way tie for the lead, it's a logjammed leaderboard. Were you keeping an eye on the leaderboard throughout the round today?
CHARLEY HULL: No, not really, no. It's too early to keep an eye on the Leer board.

Q. Talk about your round because you were out the gates brilliantly, got a lovely eagle on the front nine. Didn't quite work out quite as well after the turn. With a is the difference between the two nines?
CHARLEY HULL: Nothing really. I was playing good golf. I still hit it as well on the back nine. I just missed a short putt but I made some good putts to end the round with.

Q. Conditions yesterday as we know windy and cold, and you wore shorts. Where are the shorts today?
CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I know, I put these on today. These are my new shorts; trousers. Just thought I'd put them on.

Q. The eagle, tell us what club you had coming?
CHARLEY HULL: I hit a driver and then I hit rescue into like 15 feet and holed it.

Q. You've been playing some very good golf year and you haven't won on the LPGA since the CME in '16, a lot of people were expecting the floodgates to especially open, but this tour is very competitive. How much would another win following CME mean to you?
CHARLEY HULL: It would be great. I've been playing really well this year. I've been like putting some good scores together and finishing well in the majors. I feel like my game is up there. I just need to get confidence and get the win and I'll feel really good.

Q. What is the win thing you need to get you back across the finish line?
CHARLEY HULL: Probably my putting. To hole more putts and stop missing so many short ones.

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