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October 11, 2018

Manny Machado

Max Muncy

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Workout Day

Q. Just wondering if you and Jonathan Schoop are going to have time to get caught up before this series, or are you and he all business right now?
MANNY MACHADO: No. I haven't seen him in a while. So definitely try to see him tonight or something. I think they had practice today or something. Relationships always go further than sports. So enjoy him today and then tomorrow try to beat him.

Q. First of all, Manny, is it kind of weird being here on this podium twice in one year. And on a serious note, for the way the Brewers kind of use their pitchers, does it make it hard as a hitter to prepare when there's a chance you might see a different guy every time you're up?
MANNY MACHADO: No. You try to stick with your same approach as a team overall. You try to stick to your strengths. Obviously, it's going to be different guys on the mound, and the scouting reports are out there knowing what they're going to try to do to us. Just try to stick to your strengths.

Q. Manny, just to piggyback on that first question, for those of us who don't know, what is your relationship like with Schoop, and is it strange you were both traded around the same time. You were almost traded here and now you meet up in the postseason on opposing teams. What is that feeling like?
MANNY MACHADO: I mean, we go way back. I've known him for eight years. We came up together, we started playing together. We've done everything together for eight years in an organization. We grew our relationship. He's one of my best friends. It's just relationships that you build on through the years, and he's one of my best friends.

Q. Max, could you have imagined that you would be sitting here today after your time in Oakland, and can you just expand a little bit on the journey that you've had the last couple years?
MAX MUNCY: Absolutely not. I never would have thought I could be in this kind of position, you know, playing for a team like the Dodgers in the playoffs. You know, I struggled my time in Oakland. I wasn't good enough to play for a team that was finishing 20 games out of first place the couple years I was there. And I get picked up by these guys, got a chance given to me. And it's been documented this year all the changes I had made. The most important ones being mentally. So to be able to get to this point has been an incredible reward and incredible journey.

Q. Manny, you've been Yasiel Puig's teammate now for a couple months. Can you describe what that experience is like, and what do you think his energy brings to you guys?
MANNY MACHADO: He's awesome, man. I mean, he has all the tools in the world. And he definitely brings energy to the ball club every day. Every time he steps on the field, he gives us that energy. I mean, the tools speak for themselves. He's an awesome player. He brings a lot to the ball club.

Other than that, he's a great guy, great clubhouse guy. He definitely keeps things loose in there. So that's always good for a club going so far that -- how we go. And he's definitely fun to be around.

Q. Actually both of you guys can address this. Max, as you said, you've talked a lot about the changes that you made this year, and there's been a lot of stories done about that. And the Dodgers have had more than their fair share of guys who have come here and sort of found a new level in their career. And I'm just wondering from both of your perspectives, what is it about the culture of this organization that fosters that kind of improvement?
MAX MUNCY: You know, well, for me, this year was my first year to be able to go to Spring Training with them and be around the big league staff and the big league players. For me it was more just the way they welcome everyone in. It didn't matter if you had 10 years in the Big Leagues or no days in the Big Leagues. You know, at least for Spring Training everyone that came in there, they were treated all the exact same. Everyone was given the same opportunities.

Everyone was talked to by the coaches. They were able to work with everybody. There was no, hey, you haven't been here before, so you have to go to that cage over there. Or hey, you have to do this, because you haven't been in the Big Leagues before. They kind of give you a confidence that -- a confidence and a comfort level that no matter who you are, you're going to have a big part in the team whether you're going to come up and make a one-spot start as a pitcher, or you're going to come up and fill in for a guy who got hurt or if you're going to come in and be a long-term piece. They kind of give you the same confidence and comfort level no matter who you are.

MODERATOR: Manny, anything you want to add to that?

MANNY MACHADO: He knocked it out of the park.

Q. Manny, what was it like because you were the biggest trade chip at the trade deadline, in terms of pressure, in terms of coming and knowing the responsibility that was placed on you?
MANNY MACHADO: I mean, no pressure at all. I mean, we get paid good money to come play baseball every day. Every time I step out onto that ball field, you know, I just try to leave it all out there, try to enjoy myself, and not think about anything else other than playing baseball. And made it a lot easier coming in here that I was just another piece to this ball club.

This ball club could have made it this far as easily without me. So just to come in here and just do whatever I could to just help the team win in whatever way I can, whether it's playing defense, hitting home runs, making a play or even helping out the guys. Whatever it is, you know, just makes it -- makes the game a lot more easier.

There was no pressure, just come here, play baseball, have fun, great group of guys. Great group of front office people, coaching staff. Everyone is awesome. They just kind of let you enjoy yourself, go out there, play, just do what you gotta do on the field.

Q. For both of you guys, what is it about the Brewers bullpen that makes Knebel, Hader, Jeffers so dynamic and tough to face as a hitter?
MANNY MACHADO: I mean, they're great. They're the all stars. They got good stuff. You know, they're a great ball club over there on the other side. So we're going to have to keep doing what we're doing, obviously and not worry about the names or what they've done, but just go out there and play the game that day, tomorrow and the next day. Just control what we got on our side.

Q. Max, did you find yourself trying to figure out what the Brewers might be doing for their pitching plans during the week, and now that they're going with a pair of lefties in Game 1 and 2, I guess, how does that alter your mindset in preparation going into Games 1 and 2 here?
MAX MUNCY: Not entirely. You know, coming into this series as it's been mentioned, we know their strength is their bullpen, so those are kind of the guys you focus on. Now even more so, knowing that -- I mean, we don't know what the lineup is going to be, but just assuming we go with our usual lineup against a lefty, meaning I'll come in off the bench later in the game. With that being the case, even more so now you focus on the bullpen.

But as far as the preparation, I think I can speak for everyone in that clubhouse. They all show up every single day and prepare like they're starting that day even if they're not. That's one of the things that makes us so good is that every single person in there prepares every single day like they're going to be playing.

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