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October 11, 2018

Matt Wallace

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

MATT WALLACE: You have setbacks and you've got to use those -- if that's your character you've got to use those setbacks to get better, and that's exactly what I do. Like I said, it's not a setback not getting in the Ryder Cup. To be able to be in the mix with it is amazing. We'll take that and use it as fire, as I said.

Q. There's not many people who have played less than 50 European Tour events and have been in a questionable spot already. It's sort of what you like -- the recognition, as well, though?
MATT WALLACE: I think that's the first thing I said was I want to be on a quiz show because that's when you know you've kind of made it. I don't know, I love quiz shows, I love sport. I don't know if -- I did all right. I thought I did okay. But I love that sort of stuff. I love being able to talk to you guys, as well. It's something that I enjoy doing. It's part of the game that I enjoy doing. I always try and be in front of the camera at the end of the day because it means you played well. Hopefully you'll get to -- if you see Rosey's score, he's +2, so he didn't play too good, and he's going to be in front of the camera, so that will be something I'll have to deal with in the future, you know.

Q. Top 50, is that on your radar?
MATT WALLACE: For sure, yeah, but that would only come with playing good golf. I think about it and Dave thinks about it and you'll think about it because it can change your life and you can play in different events, proper -- the big events that I need to qualify and stuff. I think it's a good stat from this year is that the major that I qualified automatically for, I came 19th. The ones I had to qualify for, either go into it or winning a tournament to get into it, I've missed cuts. So when I feel at home that I'm there and I deserve to be there, I play well, so hopefully I can carry that on.

Q. You probably know more than anybody that those couple of events you've got to be in, and you've won three times, and it seems ridiculous to me that you're not already in the top 50 with that.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I guess it's just the events that I've won, and trust me, I don't see these events any less than the bigger ones that I've played in, or say the bigger ones. I just know that my game needs to improve to compete at those big events, and that's what I'm working towards now. Maybe it's a good omen that I'm not in these ones at the moment because I'll carry on practising hard, and when I'm there, I'll compete.

Q. Were you able to switch off watching the Ryder Cup --
MATT WALLACE: What, switch the TV off? Well, I had a week -- it was my week off, so I had a bit of time at home just chilling. Didn't watch the TV. And then I definitely watched it on the Sunday, and then when I saw we won, when Phil hit it into the water, I just decided to go to the range because that got my juices going, and I just wanted to go and practise. I think I've got a picture on my Instagram saying 2020 starts now. That's my character. You guys will start to learn that about me. That's what drives me.

Q. The support from the English fans, this event is great for that, isn't it.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I know a lot of people from around this area and also back at home, they travel down. I'm only about 45 minutes away from here, so it's easy for them to get down here.

Q. It's great that this event has been done by the guys who host it --
MATT WALLACE: Exactly, and I hope it can carry on. I know this is the last year. I'll put my name in the hat, but I don't think they'd pick me. If they did, I'd choose some (indiscernible).

Q. The World Rankings or projections, do you know --
MATT WALLACE: I don't know how things work. I'll leave that up to Chubby. He knows exactly the points I need and stuff. At the start of the year, we had a system of what we wanted points-wise quarterly, and I wasn't hitting that at the start of the year. I kept coming 30th and stuff like that. But right now, I'm right on plan for what we want me to be at, and we've got a good chance right now for these last five events to make a proper statement.

Q. We'll see if you're still in there at the end of the year, Masters debut.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, that would be nice. Definitely want to get there. Dave says my game is pretty much suited for that golf. I think playing at the PGA, it showed that, as well.

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