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October 11, 2018

Matt Wallace

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

MATT WALLACE: It was pretty good, yeah. The bogeys were -- I don't know, lack of concentration maybe, especially the last one there wasn't nice, that par-3, missing it left, that little chip, especially with the wind picking up. But the rest of it was really good, yeah.

Q. Some of the highlights, talk about the par-3, 17. Were you drawing this at the pin?
MATT WALLACE: Well, the wind was just taking it that way anyway, so all I had to do was hit a nice three-quarter 5-iron, and the wind just took it straight on to the flag, and it was perfect distance there, pin high.

Q. Lovely shot, set up a great birdie, we'll go and have a look at the 2nd hole. Just talk us through the technique of this shot, a lot of airtime and then --
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, there's a little ridge at the front of the green there that I had to fly it over, and the wind was slightly into so I could play a 52 instead of a lob wedge and let it just land and release out. I actually hit a driver second shot there to get it up into that position. I just hit it quite nice in the semi-rough and took it on and made birdie there.

Q. How pure are these greens?
MATT WALLACE: Oh, they're so pure. Actually hit a really nice shot in, and to go long there was one, but this putt was really quick, and Ollie gave me a really nice line, and length, and well, and I poured that one in nicely.

Q. I have a stat for you. This is your 50th European Tour appearance --
MATT WALLACE: That's nice.

Q. You've won four times, nine top 10s, £1.9 million. You were very successful at every level of golf that you've played coming to this point. Did you expect to make that sort of impact, or have you surprised yourself?
MATT WALLACE: No, I've surprised myself. It's nice to get to 50 here and play the British Masters in my 50th. So that's nice, and hopefully I can make that number five this week and take it out. But you know what, it's been a great ride so far, and I'm enjoying the journey.

Q. 5-under par 67; how would you assess your start here at the British Masters?
MATT WALLACE: Pretty good. A little bit shaky in areas. I missed a few short putts, which weren't nice, and a bogey on the end there was just bad course management really. But the rest was really good. Gave myself a lot of chances, played nice, room for improvement I'd say.

Q. Tee to green you look like you're swinging it pretty good out there.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, it wasn't great at the start. Didn't feel too comfortable but managed to get it around nicely and hit some good shots and hit it in close, and then the putting took over. But there's definitely parts I can work on, and I'm going to go do that this afternoon.

Q. You mentioned how much you like these greens, how much you rated them. How were they today?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, they're brilliant. They're probably the best I've ever putted on in England. They're soft, so they're quite receptive, so you can actually take on some of the pins even if it's downwind. If they firm up, it will be a test, but yeah, they're running pure.

Q. Did this morning take you back a few years playing this course as an amateur?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, well, it took me back, what, not so long ago to make the U.S. Open. I love both courses here, and the composite course that Justin has decided to do is brilliant, and it gives you opportunities. It also gives you an opportunity to do different shots, as well. You can hit an iron off the tee and a driver. So a lot of different shots and attack it as well as possible.

Q. You said this felt like a fifth major for you, a lot of people supporting, especially after you've won a lot. Do you feel a different reception, as well, today?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, you can definitely feel it, and being in a group of three English guys, as well, with Sully and Ollie, we had a great gathering out there, and it was good fun, and hopefully we can tear it up tomorrow together.

Q. That's another very solid start, isn't it.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, it's a nice start. I like to get off to good starts and be here talking to you guys because that shows I've played nicely. It was a decent start. There was a few error I made in there, a few short putts, and the bogey on the last wasn't nice, but we'll work on that this afternoon and hopefully go tomorrow again.

Q. Classic golf course, isn't it. Lovely, perfect, sort of English kind of golf course. Do you feel at home here?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, brilliant. The fans, I played here loads of times as an amateur and also in the U.S. Open qualifier, as well. It feels nice to be around here. Definitely English weather, windy, brisk in the morning, quite cold, but it's warming up now, and it's nice. So looking forward to getting going again tomorrow.

Q. Obviously you put yourself into the fringes of the Ryder Cup conversation with the victory in Denmark. How did that kind of -- everyone has been celebrating the Ryder Cup. How was it for you?
MATT WALLACE: I celebrated it for sure. I watched it. I was disappointed to not be there. But I saw Thomas on Tuesday this week, and he said, probably one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me as a golfer, but I won't say what that is because it's between me and him, but I'm going to use that, and I'm the type of character that's going to use this disappointment as fire. I've had ups and downs in my career, and it's another -- I wouldn't say it's a down, it's just given me fire to go and make the next one and play better and get better as a golfer and a human being.

Q. And seeing the scenes from there, that must stoke the fire, as well?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, that was proper. I love watching the guys. I love how people can make a name for themselves in that competition, and I feel like I could be able to do that. Hopefully I'll be the Postman 2.

Q. That's a great line. Just a final one from me, obviously this is your 50th European Tour appearance; you could mark it with your fifth victory, which would be extraordinary.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, 50 and 5. That sounds quite nice. It goes together well. I didn't know it was my 50th this week, so that's really nice, half century. In cricket terms, that's quite good. So we'll keep going, and I'm looking forward to it. It's a nice start, yeah, I'm in a nice position. I've got a few bits to work on with the swing. Didn't feel too comfortable out there, but we're in a nice position, and hopefully I can get comfortable here.

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