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October 11, 2018

Richard McEvoy

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. 4-under par, great way to kick things off here at the British Masters.
RICHARD McEVOY: Yes, very pleased. I played really solid today. I think I only missed two greens, which was good ball-striking, in those conditions in particular, as well, with the wind swirling and quite gusty at times. Very pleased with the start, yeah.

Q. How tough was this golf course out there today?
RICHARD McEVOY: Do you know what, downwind holes are pretty tricky because you're trying to guess where to land it, and on a lot of holes, with the front pins in particular, you've got to land it short of the green, and sometimes you're relying on a good bounce. It's very similar to playing links golf in that sense.

But yeah, I mean, if you hit the fairways, it's a lot easier. Start missing fairways, that's when it's going to get tricky out there for sure.

Q. Playing in front of the home crowd, is that something you enjoy?
RICHARD McEVOY: Yes, very much so, yeah. I haven't done it for a long time. I think Wentworth probably five or six years ago was probably my last time I've actually played in front of English crowds in particular. So yeah, lovely to have some support and some people here following me, so yeah, hopefully another good day tomorrow and be in a good position for the weekend.

Q. From what we saw on the feed, it looked like you were hitting some really good iron shots recently. How is the swing feeling at the moment?
RICHARD McEVOY: Swing has been good, yeah. The last couple of weeks I've had two missed cuts, but up until then my swing has been very, very good. Obviously since Porsche I gained a lot of confidence obviously from winning and then progressed with my game really well, but my swing is in a great place. I've got good belief in what I'm doing, and that makes a difference really, yeah.

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