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October 11, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. Talk about the bogey.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It was a bad shot. I don't know, it could have been even worse if I'd had have it in the buoy maybe, and then I got to drop it, but it was -- bad shots, you're going to hit them in a round of golf. I made a great up-and-down on 4, and a few times today, my distance control, I found it very hard just to -- with cross-winds they can either go into our down, it's so difficult to get that distance control, and I had a lot of 40-, 50-footers and did a good job of clearing them. If you three-putt, there's one or two of them, they are shots that you're kind of giving away, and it happens, but I was really good at that today. One bogey today is not too disappointing.

Q. Were you aware of what Frankie was doing, as well?

Q. Truly?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it's not like something I'm worried about. I think -- I mean, I'm so far behind. All of a sudden if things change, then great. And I've got -- even if I was close, I played last year, trying to win the Race to Dubai, and I'll have learnt things from that, but I'm so far behind, it's not even a thing at the moment.

Q. We're hearing a lot about fatigue at the moment, but you're playing more than anybody and seem to be showing less signs. Is there a key to it?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, I don't know, it may be age. I mean, I do look after myself in like a lot of ways, physically, mentally, and last week I felt absolutely fine, honestly. I didn't feel tired at all. This week I feel a bit more, and next week I'll be having a week off. I guess it's knowing everybody has different thresholds. Some people can only play two weeks at a time. Some people can play six, seven, eight and keep going. So you know, fatigue, it is a real thing, and it affects more -- I think it's more mental that it affects people really. Physically playing a round of golf, it's not like -- people do it as a luxury and a lobby, so walking around 18 holes is not a physically straining thing, but I think just mentally week in and week out when every shot -- I've said it before, when you start on a Thursday, your first tee shot to your last putt over four days, 72 holes, that's a long time to be concentrating, so that can wear. But so far I'm okay.

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