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October 11, 2018

Sue Wooster

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Sue, do you want to just talk about the experience this week. Haven't been past the round of 32 in a USGA championship prior to the week. Made it all the way to the finals.
SUE WOOSTER: Yeah, pretty stoked, you know. I mean, obviously I'm upset because I lost because I wanted to win.

If you said at the start of the week I would've been in the final, I would've been over the moon. To think that it also come down to (indiscernible) in Florida where I don't even like this sort of the grass; haven't really played on it much.

(Indiscernible) to struggle, but maybe it's not my week. I'm not accustomed to the conditions. I'm proud of myself. I think tonight I'll sit back, have a few drinks, and feel I did pretty good overall.

Q. Sure. Just talk a little bit about the match today. Lara jumped out to a quick 1-up lead; didn't win a hole until 15. How do you feel like you played? Do you feel like there were opportunities you had?
SUE WOOSTER: Yeah, well, I don't know if I had opportunities to like eventually win it, but I could have put some pressure on her and I didn't. I think I just couldn't hole the putts today. (Indiscernible - wind.)

Q. Sure.
SUE WOOSTER: I was just missing and I was probably just over-reading a bit, and nothing was working. Hit some nice shots in; just couldn't capitalize. When I three-putted 13 I knocked my chances down a lot getting over the line. That gave her a breather.

Q. Sure. Talk about the putt you made on No. 3, the 40-footer for birdie.
SUE WOOSTER: Yeah, that was pretty good. Only long putt I holed all day. I said, Well, I've got to give this a run because she's not too far away. (Indiscernible). That was a bonus, yeah.

Q. Sure. Did you play golf in Florida before? Been to Florida before?
SUE WOOSTER: Played golf in Florida? Oh, yeah, couple of rounds, yeah. Just social. That's it.

Q. Sounds like you spoke to Tyler this morning.

Q. What did he tell you on the way to the first tee?
SUE WOOSTER: Told us Tyler said, Mum, I'm so proud of you. No matter what happens today, you're the champion. Have courage because you're going to need courage to win this, and you're going to have to hit the shots. Pick a target and just go for your shots.

Whatever happens, you've done awesome. (Indiscernible.)

Q. You really hung on the last two days when the fatigue started to set in. What do you take away and are you proud of yourself?
SUE WOOSTER: Well, yeah. Golf gets harder as you get older. To play, what, ten rounds of golf in eight days or something like that, it is a challenge. It's not just a physical, it's mental. You fatigue mentally and then you don't sleep a lot. I don't. I'm that sort. Overthink things and just tossing around in bed all night last night.

Yeah, you've got to deal with that. Sometimes that can effect your performance.

Q. When you're 3-down with six to play does your approach change at all? Start to get more aggressive?
SUE WOOSTER: Yeah, I was trying to be aggressive. I couldn't really -- like I was in between clubs a lot. Really hard to hit that shot off. (Indiscernible) ... you just have to commit to the longer shot, the shot you think is going to get you the best opportunity to get on the greens. (Indiscernible) I think all the girls said it this week, you've got to be No. 1 on the green. Most of them have had trouble hitting the shots (indiscernible) and I had a lot of that today.

Q. No. 16, Lara's safe on the green about 40 feet. You're trying to hit it close. Not much room there though to get it close from where you were.
SUE WOOSTER: I thought the club I had could have hit me in the water, but then I had no choice but to hit that. The next one wasn't going to. (Indiscernible) And it was a tough hole, you know, in the rough; downslope. I executed really well. I was pretty disappointed it went so far past.

Q. And finally, so you got to play in the U.S. Senior Women's Open earlier this year. Making it to the finals you're exempt again. Be at Pine Needles in 2019. Talk about how special the experience was and how excited are you to be able to go back?
SUE WOOSTER: Well, it was the best tournament I've ever played because it was an Open. That's very special to be able to play in an Open, say you played in an Open.

But because it was a first (indiscernible), that was special, because you just felt everyone's excitement and happiness. (Indiscernible.

Q. Have you played Pine Needles before?
SUE WOOSTER: No. Figure it's near Pinehurst; pretty similar. Played that a lot.

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