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October 11, 2018

Fran McCaffery

Madison Square Garden - New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined at the podium by Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery. Fran is starting his ninth year with the Hawkeyes and has coached programs to postseason appearances 11 times throughout his coaching career.

Coach, welcome back. We'll begin with your opening statement, open the floor for questions.

FRAN McCAFFERY: Thank you. It's great to be here.

Real excited about our team.

(Audio disconnection.)

FRAN McCAFFERY: -- my staff did a great job this summer. I think you'll see a marked improvement.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach McCaffery.

Q. Can you talk about Tyler Cook a little bit. I know on Twitter he seemed a little upset he wasn't on the All Pre-season Team. What in his development this year do you think will allow him not to leave any questions where he belongs among the elite players in the Big Ten?
FRAN McCAFFERY: The thing about Tyler Cook that's been most impressive to me, obviously he looked into making the jump, put his name in, went to the workouts. I thought he was incredibly professional with how he went about that.

But as we all know, the critical thing is when you come back, to come back with the right attitude. He has really impressed me from that standpoint. The first conversation I had with him, he said, Coach, I want to do a better job leading this team next year. He was only a sophomore last year. He was really good, our leading scorer, leading rebounder, very impressive.

But I think he recognizes now the jump that he has to make. He has made it, in my estimation. Off the dribble, he's been phenomenal. Making plays for other people this summer he's been phenomenal. His assist-turnover ratio throughout a number of workouts has been spectacular.

He probably should be upset. I always look at those lists and say, Well, yeah, he probably should be on there, no question in my mind he should be on there. It's not like you look at that list and say, A particular player is not really good. That's essentially what this league is. Everybody that's on there is really good. I think more importantly, where do you end up? Pre-season lists, pre-season rankings don't mean a thing. We have to play the season.

For him, I think it's more important that he end up as a first-round draft pick than on any all-conference team.

Q. What sort of ceiling do you see with Isaiah Moss this year?
FRAN McCAFFERY: Isaiah is really talented, very good offensive player. I think he has the capability of being a really good defensive player. I think from that standpoint I'd like to see him play both ends. Really good shooter. Has the ability to score points in bunches. We saw that last year in particular in the Minnesota game.

But you're talking about a guy who physically is in a really good place, he's worked really hard. He's a senior. Obviously he's a junior-eligible. He's a senior. He's been experienced. He's been through this league, which is absolutely critical as we all know. I think he's got the capability. He made 46 threes last year. That number will go up. He shoots a great percentage. That will continue. I also think he could be a really good defender.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you so much for your time.

FRAN McCAFFERY: Thank you.

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