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October 10, 2018

Yibing Wu

Shanghai, China


3-6, 6-0, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. I'd like to hear your comments about Kei. Kei said the first set you played like someone who is in top 20. Then for the next two sets you fell behind pretty fast. What's your feedback to his comment? How would you comment on your performance?
YIBING WU: I think Kei made the right remarks. I didn't really fall behind very fast. He made some readjustment. He made sure that he's getting very deep, and I'm getting quite shallow and he's aiming at the middle. Also, he was very, very sophisticated when getting to the net.

Q. Perhaps many local Chinese audience are trying to support you like everyone is rooting for you when you're challenging. Did you feel that as kind of motivation or pressure?
YIBING WU: I would say that I felt very enjoyable. Every time I'm playing China there are people cheering for me. This means a lot for me. These are motivational forces for me.

When I'm losing focus and I heard everybody rooting, everybody cheering, then I would remind myself to keep up on work.

Q. Before the match, what's your mindset? Did you want to make sure you winning or you want to make sure you can survive or whatever was your mindset? Did you expect that you were winning?
YIBING WU: Well, my mindset has remained the same. I want to show the best of myself on court. Clearly this is one very rare opportunity for me to be taught, and of course I am aiming for a win. But when I was researching, when I was talking with my coach, everything was revolving around how to win the match.

Q. Third set you tried to save every shot, even so much so that you fell on the ground. Did you feel you didn't have enough energy to keep working? It's just because his game is much better than you? Or you think that your energy was falling short?
YIBING WU: Well, of course I have some problem with my energy, but mostly it's related to my movement. I think my heart is okay, but my legs are not fast enough.

Only when I'm in that position could I get well. But if I'm not moving to the right position, then I was just not able to hit the ball right.

Q. Can you give yourself a general appraisal on your performance over the entire season in China? And what's going to be your next few tournaments?
YIBING WU: Well, I think since I can finish these three matches, three tournaments, I'm already quite pleased. Actually, I think I'm making some improvement.

Sometimes I have learned quite a great deal from which I could make further improvement, and the next few matches will just be some readjustment matches. I will be heading to Ningbo City, my own province. Again, I will just try to showcase the best of myself.

Q. Some reporter previously asked you about Kei's comment, that they think you pull off a very good performance in the first set. I would like to ask you, were you able to feel that clearly the balance is slowly tilting towards Kei? Do you feel that moment?
YIBING WU: What do you mean?

Q. Because Kei said that he was not able to do anything in your first set. You won clearly and fast. When do you think the breaking point come? When do you think the transitional point come?
YIBING WU: Well, he was a very good player. He said he couldn't do anything about my first set. Then if that was true, then after that first set he was still able to find a way to beat me.

So there is a lot for me to learn to try to catch up with him, to get to be someone who can always know what to do even after they were beaten for one set, always find a way to adapt to the latest conditions.

Q. Can you talk a bit about your partnership with your new coach? Has he brought you any new changes?
YIBING WU: I think what he has taught me most is that I need to have independent thinking. I need to try to change myself. They say that I'm a kind of gifted player, but he taught me to really try to find where my strong suit is.

It's gonna take a while. He found me some places where I can make improvement.

Q. Well, my question is you have played three matches consecutively, one higher than the previous one. Some people are saying that it's good for the players to go through these kind of process, because they are taking growth. What do you think you have learned from this?
YIBING WU: Well, off the site and in the locker room everybody is doing their job. In youth league, like the locker room is entirely different. It's messy, noisy. But this locker room is entirely different.

As a tennis player, I would definitely enjoy this process of playing in the adult league, pro league, and really try to find a way to get myself deeply rooted in a tournament.

Q. I have a question. I don't know if you saw a picture of the first set. I would like to ask you, would you ever consider like lose some weight? Did you see that picture that showed that you have big belly?
YIBING WU: I just want to increase my muscle after the winter training. Of course I want to have a better figure, better shape. In this year's winter training, I will definitely make more training.

I think I have baby fat. I'm not born fat. My dad is a bit like myself. My dad trying to work hard very well, work very, very hard on his belly muscles, but he's never ripped. So I just have to say I'm like my father's son.

Q. During the match, you had a bit of an altercation with the umpire, but that didn't change the result. How much mental impact did that have on you?
YIBING WU: I don't think that it have a lot of impact on my mind, but it affected a lot on my result. As far as I concerned, I think I disagree with that judgment, but perhaps my discussion with him was not enough for him to change his ruling. But I tried my best to really make my case to him.

My coach also talked to umpire and they also watched the replay again. Of course I can accept that and the umpire also accepted that he was wrong, but on court I just have to let it pass and focus on the next point.

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