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October 11, 2018

Nasa Hataoka

Incheon, South Korea

MARK LAMPORT-STOKES: We are delighted to have with us here this afternoon, Nasa Hataoka, after a brilliant round of 7-under in very difficult condition out there today. It was wet, cold and windy. How did you score so low today?

NASA HATAOKA: I think first of all, I was hitting very solid, so I made myself a lot of birdie opportunities and I holed eight birdies and that really helped my game today.

MARK LAMPORT-STOKES: You were bogey-free for most of the day. You dropped your first shot on 17. How were you able to avoid making errors until then in those conditions?

NASA HATAOKA: As a professional golfer, I believe that we need to be able to play solid and under any condition, including very strong winds. So I think up until the 17th hole, I managed the wind very well, but at the 17th hole, I kind of slipped in managing the wind.

MARK LAMPORT-STOKES: I spoke to your caddie afterwards, and I said to him, what did you do really well today. He said, "Everything." You chipped in, I believe, on 16. Can you talk about that hole?

NASA HATAOKA: So the rough at No. 16 was quite thick, so I placed the played of my golf club in an upright position. So I was able to play a shot with very little resistance. I think that was what was key in nailing that shot.

Q. You've always been known as a really good ball-striker. But are you finding that your putting is improving throughout the year, and how would you assess your putting this week?
NASA HATAOKA: So talking about today, I think I nailed a lot of long putts, and I think the way I putted today went well with the speed of the green today. So that was what worked for me today in terms of playing.

Q. What was the longest putt today, and on what hole?
NASA HATAOKA: So the longest putt I nailed today was on No. 10. It was an 11-meter putt.

Q. You've had a great season on the LPGA Tour, very consistent, victory, bunch of top 5s, Top-10s. What's been the key to your performance overall this year? Is there one thing or many things?
NASA HATAOKA: I think this season, a lot of different elements are coming together for me so that I can play a stronger game. For instance, I think my shots are more solid and my putting has improved greatly, so I think this is all working toward my favor.

MARK LAMPORT-STOKES: Thank you very much for your time. Well played today, and keep that form going through the rest of week.

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