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October 11, 2018

Sung Hyun Park

Incheon, South Korea

KRISTEN YOON: Good afternoon, everyone. I am so pleased to have Sung Hyun Park in the media center here at the LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship with an impressive 4-under round.

It was so windy out there today. How did you manage to pocket seven birdies?

SUNG HYUN PARK: Like you said, it was very windy today, but I was shooting very well, and I think I was putting very well, as well. So with these two going my way, I feel like I was able to hole seven birdies.

But I have to say the double-bogey on 17, that was kind of weighing on my mind.

KRISTEN YOON: Can you talk to us about the double bogey? What was going through your mind after being on such a great roll in the first half of your round?

SUNG HYUN PARK: I think the biggest thing for me was being in that situation, I thought that I could stop that bogey, but I went on to do a double-bogey.

I think the problem with No. 17 was that my chip shot was a bit shaky, but I think that I had the next hole in mind and I knew that I could make up for my score the next hole, and I think this being the first round, also helps me be a little bit more comfortable about any errors or mistakes I've made today.

KRISTEN YOON: We don't want to be nitpicky and just focus on the blemishes on your scorecard. You managed to do such an amazing round after a quick turnaround from your win at the UL International Crown. What was your strategy and mental preparation like coming into today's round?

SUNG HYUN PARK: So I think that having played last week, I definitely played better or easier. Last week, my shots were a little less solid, so during my time off, I worked on that.

So I feel quite good having finished the first round. Last week I played well with my teammates, and so I'm looking forward to another fantastic three rounds.

Q. You're playing with Ariya in four days, so how was it playing with her today, and last week in the singles match playoff, you lost against Ariya. So what kind of attitude did you bring to your game today?
SUNG HYUN PARK: I think playing with Ariya is really comfortable now, and I'm definitely more comfortable playing stroke play rather than match play.

So I think today, overall I was quite comfortable. With regards to last week, although I lost last week, I think I played very well. So I'm quite comfortable with rounds today.

Q. On 18, you hit your drive probably a hundred yards past Ariya and Brooke. Do you know how it ended up there, and were you surprised when you saw how far it went?
SUNG HYUN PARK: So I think my tee shot, I played it kind of forward but I didn't see it hit the road. But when my ball went flying and it landed, I heard like the gallery cheer and I didn't know where it landed up until then. Then I was walking along the fairway and I saw it and my caddie and I were really relieved to see it, where it was.

So of course I felt really good about that shot.

Q. I think at this year's Invitational, your putting wasn't that solid in the first two days, and then on the last day, your putting improved vastly, and I think last week at the International Crown, you were also putting very well. How could you make improvements to your putting in such a short period of time? If you think there's any reason or anything that you've worked on to improve your putting, could you share that with us? And the second question is, I understand that you've changed the spec for your iron shots, so I would like to know specifically what kind of changes you have to your iron clubs and why you made those changes.
SUNG HYUN PARK: So at the LOTTE Championship, the green was really fast and there was a lot of slopes on the green. In the first two rounds, I actually changed the center part of my putter so that it was lighter so that it would go further.

But then it didn't really work for me, so then I turned back to my original putter, and I continue to use that right now. As for my iron, I haven't changed anything except I extended the length of my shaft by this much.

So I noticed that my address shots were lower and going further, so I made adjustments to the length many of my shaft and all of the other elements, I haven't changed. But I think elongating that shaft really helped me.

Q. So my question doesn't really pertain to the game of golf itself, I would like to know if you have any criteria, or how you choose your clothes you wear for the rounds? I noticed a lot of fans really liked the way you were dressed today. I was wondering how you choose what you're going to wear on a particular day.
SUNG HYUN PARK: So obviously Beanpole Golf sends items my way and I don't dress as they tell me to but I do make my choice from what they have sent me, and I think the single most important criteria for me is to wear something I like and to wear something I'm comfortable in. I had no idea the fans really responded well to what I was wearing but I think the primary criteria for me is that it has to be comfortable.

KRISTEN YOON: Thank you, we'll see you tomorrow.

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