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October 10, 2018

Terrill Samuel

Vero Beach, Florida


Q. So runner-up last year; semifinal run this year. Just talk about the experience, making it all the way here for a second straight year.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, this is the toughest tournament that we play in. It's first class. I can't believe it. That's why Canadians are so proud whenever we get this far, right? This is an unbelievable tournament the way it's organized by the club and the USGA.

Yeah, that's why with love it. We're treated like royalty. You can't beat that, right?

Q. Sure.
TERRILL SAMUEL: We know how great a tournament this is. This is where all the best players are, right? Any time you can have a good run, got to be proud of yourself.

It hurts when you lose, but, yeah, it's good.

Q. Sure. So this morning a bit of redemption on Judith.

Q. Talk about that the opportunity to do that and to advance.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, that's not what we're thinking about, though. We're such close friends, right, so it's kind of like we don't really want to play each other.

We always go out and say we'll be happy no matter what. You know what I mean, because it's a friend. You rather win, but if Judith wins I'm very, very happy.

It's really tough, yeah. And I had three Canadians to play against this year.

Q. Yeah, four out of five if the count the final last year.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, you're right. (Laughter.) That's always tough.

Q. What would you say was the turning point or the key in this match why you didn't get over the hump?
TERRILL SAMUEL: There is nothing -- like I don't think she missed maybe one, two shots out there. That's it. Never missed a drive. I think she missed two shots. Missed an iron on par-3 on the back side and she hit it in the water -- 12. Other than that, she had birdies, two of them, like this.

Q. Yep.
TERRILL SAMUEL: She picked the right club every single time. I was like, Wow. She was always like pin high or whatever. It was amazing. That's the difference for sure.

You can't beat that. I don't know how many birdies we made. We made a lot of birdies out there. On the back side, yeah, I think we just kept alternating birdie, birdie, birdie.

Q. Talk about hole No. 8 in the hazard. What transpired there. Picked up in the hazard.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Oh, 8, yeah, yeah. First of all, I was on a twig, so I was like -- I had no chance to have a chip shot there. Went in there and I wasn't paying attention and my club hit the rock and it was inside the hazard. I said, Oh, my club just hit the rock. You're done.

Q. Right, lost the hole.

Q. Got it. Then No. 11, that was one of the shots that Lara hit it in real close and you made a long putt, is that right, for birdie?

Q. No? Okay.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Oh, I chipped in. That was one like this and I chipped in, yes.

Q. Awesome how far away were you would you say?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I don't know, 25 feet maybe.

Q. Just having your mom caddie for you, does that happen often? Is that something she does?
TERRILL SAMUEL: My mom has been a great caddie for me since I -- let me see, I'm 57 -- over 30 years.

Q. Awesome.
TERRILL SAMUEL: I'm so lucky that she's able to still do it, but the fact that she enjoys it, you know. This year it was nice because I don't think she could have done it this year because it's too hot for her, plus this course is like long. I have big strides and course is usually about 13,000 for me. This is like 17,000. I keep my steps, and that's a lot, right?

So I'm really glad they changed the rule either or can ride. Worked out nice for us.

Q. Does she give you clubs? Give you yardages?
TERRILL SAMUEL: No, no. Just gives me encouragement.

Q. Very cool.
TERRILL SAMUEL: She used to be really good player when she was young, because she was -- her university (indiscernible - wind) St. Andrews. So that's nice, right? Over in Scotland on the golf team there.

Then she didn't play. She raised us. My brother and I were swimmers. Yeah, a lot fun.

No, I like to do everything myself. Yeah, it's better that way, right?

Q. Absolutely.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Then whatever you do it's all on you.

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