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October 10, 2018

Sue Wooster

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about the victory. Seemed like you were very steady throughout the day. Didn't make a lot of big mistakes.
SUE WOOSTER: This afternoon?

Q. This afternoon, yeah.
SUE WOOSTER: I made some mistakes this afternoon. I'm just tired. You make some mistakes because you're tired that you wouldn't ordinarily make that I didn't this morning.

Q. Sure.
SUE WOOSTER: Yeah, you're just sort of trying to hang in there and keep your focus as best you can as tired as we all probably are, you know, after two 36 holes in heat and humidity.

Q. Sure. What do you think you did well this afternoon?
SUE WOOSTER: I think kept the ball in play. Hit a fair few greens, and I think I lagged my long putts really good up to the hole.

Q. Sure. Sure.

Q. You've won national championships in three different countries before. What is the mindset going into the final tomorrow knowing you get to do it again if you're successful?
SUE WOOSTER: Just try and keep doing what I've been doing. I have my usual (indiscernible) that I go through. Just keep maintaining that on every shot. Trying to keep my focus and just play each shot as it comes, as they say. As simple as that is, it's how you have to play golf to get the results at the end of the day.

Hopefully I won't get ahead of myself. I'll stay in the present.

Q. Couple of your best shots in this match that you think about that really set you apart?
SUE WOOSTER: Probably the shot into the wind, 5-wood into the long par-5, 14.

Q. Okay.
SUE WOOSTER: That really set me up and got me -- I think that took me to 3-up, and 3-up with five to go is pretty comfortable.

Q. Sure. Sounds good. And what was the difference between how you played this morning and how you played this afternoon?
SUE WOOSTER: This morning I think I hit 16 (indiscernible.) Missed one green and hit every green basically. Played better this morning. I was just a bit fresher. Had a bit more energy, you know. You get a bit scrappy when you're getting tired.

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