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October 10, 2018

Lara Tennant

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. So tell me about that big putt on 18.
LARA TENNANT: Well, I just actually was just trying to give it a good stroke. I knew I hit it well, and I looked up and I thought, Oh, that could go in, and it went in. I felt so lucky.

Q. Take a guess, how far was it?
LARA TENNANT: 25 feet. 20 feet. Ellen says 20 feet.

Q. What was going through your mind at that point?
LARA TENNANT: Just trying to stay in the moment and just put a good stroke on it. You can't really try to think make or miss. Just give it a good try.

Q. You birdied the 1st hole, so you were ahead for a while. Was what your mindset going through?
LARA TENNANT: I hit it to like a foot on the 1st hole, and so that's always a great start.

I was 1-up, but she is such a great competitor. I knew I needed to get more than 1-up.

Think as of one point I was 2-up.

Q. Yep.
LARA TENNANT: I just knew I had to keep playing really well. She's just a fantastic competitor.

Q. You also had a really good shot on 11 I think a foot from the hole.
LARA TENNANT: Yes, and that was another gimme. I was actually about three inches from the hole, I think.

Q. Yeah, that was really close. How do feel about your play this week overall?
LARA TENNANT: Oh, I'm very happy with it. I couldn't be happier. When you get to the finals you have to be playing well. I'm just more excited about just being here with my friends and my dad who's my caddie and just enjoying my time.

Q. How are you going to prepare for tomorrow?
LARA TENNANT: Just get some rest and just try to just go play golf. Just got to go play golf tomorrow.

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