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October 10, 2018

Paul Dunne

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. How much are you looking forward to the week here at Walton Heath?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. It's a course that I know relatively well. I've played a few amateur events here, the U.S. Open qualifying. I know they've moved the course around a little bit, but it's a course I like. I've obviously got a great pairing tomorrow with Justin and Matt, so hopefully I can rekindle a little bit of form like I did last year and do it again.

Q. How great is it to play with the tournament host?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, it's cool, especially with the run of form he's been on. He's at the top of the world of golf at the minute, so it'll be nice to get a front row seat to watch him, but hopefully I can keep up with him.

Q. Obviously defending champion but a different golf course; how much would you like to keep hold of that trophy?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, I'd love it. I'd love to keep hold of any trophy, to be honest with you. But yeah, just continuing to work on my things, and hopefully it sparks up this week and I can get some good mojo going.

Q. How would you reflect on your season and what you've been working on to try and get over the line?
PAUL DUNNE: I think I had probably a struggle at the start of the season and then I had three months in the middle where I played the best golf I've played ever, and then I've fallen away since then, and I'm just trying to find those little touches that kind of put you back up because it's fine margins, you know. I'm not too far away. Hopefully I can find a bit of that, what I had, kind of in April and May time frame.

Q. First title defence on the European Tour. Has your week been any different to normal because of that?
PAUL DUNNE: Not really. I had the Hero Challenge, which was really cool. First one of those. I've obviously watched them on TV before, but the odd bit of extra media, but I still think it was quieter than an Irish Open for me, but nothing I haven't done before.

Q. What was it like last year winning on British soil because a lot of people expected to be here this week?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, no, it was cool. Any time an Irishman can bit on British soil is a good thing. We had quite a lot there the last day last year, as well. Obviously with this being so close to London, I'm assuming a lot of people will turn up, so hopefully I can give them something to cheer about, especially since Paddy is in the field.

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