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October 10, 2018

Andrew Johnston

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Q. Good way to kick off the week?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: It was, yeah. It was a great evening. Just enjoyable. They're always fun to do, and after doing the first one, I always wanted to come back and do another one. It's good to come back and win it, as well.

Q. British Masters on home soil; is this a week you've been looking forward to?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Always look forward to this week. I was gutted to miss last year's through injury, and so I'm happy to be here this week. They're always good events.

Q. You've had a lot of success around Walton Heath the past few years with U.S. Open qualifying, too. You like this golf course?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Yeah, definitely. I think I like to play aggressively, and especially U.S. Open qualifying, it's two rounds in one day, so I'm going to try and sort of almost play it similar, play aggressive and see what happens.

Q. What do you need to do well here at Walton Heath?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Drive the ball well. If you drive it well, you've got a lot of sort of wedges and short irons in to par-4s and can get up on the par-5s. You need to drive it well.

Q. I've seen on your Instagram you're working really hard in the gym. How is that all going and how are you feeling at the moment?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Yeah, it's been great. I've been absolutely hammering it four or five times a week. Yeah, trying to get a bit cleaner, as well, and stuff. I feel good. Body feels good.

Q. Is that helping your golf game?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it has. It's made a good difference. Yeah, I feel better sort of rotationally, as well, which has been really interesting. Just got to keep it up now.

Q. And a quick word on the pro-am, playing with Piers Morgan? Looking forward to that?
ANDREW JOHNSTON: Yeah, definitely. I'm going to give him some banter the whole way round. If he hits any bad shots I'm going to laugh at him and point it out.

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