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October 9, 2018

Matt Barnes

New York, New York - postgame 4

Boston - 4, New York - 3

Q. Matt, how good does the champagne taste right now?
MATT BARNES: Oh, it's awesome. Burns in the eyes a little bit, it really does, but it's phenomenal.

It's been a great season, starting with winning the division. Team played great over the last four days. Awesome to clinch this one and move on to the ALCS, but we've got eight more.

So enjoy it tonight and back to work tomorrow.

Q. How much does this mean to clinch the series, not only against the Yankees, but it's a rare playoff series pitting two teams that won 100 games. How much more does it mean to actually do it like that?
MATT BARNES: The team we just beat in this series is a phenomenal team. From start to finish, they were a great team. They really were. And none of these games are easy. There's a lot of preparation that goes into this, a lot of hard work. You've got eight months of work coming into this. So hats off to them and what they did this year.

We're going to have many more years of fighting this division with them. We are. But it means a lot. Beating a team like that, it's tough. And when you can come out on top, it kind of shows what kind of team we have from start to finish from the ownership down to the coaching staff to the players. We take great pride in that, and we're very excited to move forward.

Q. This was Alex's first postseason series as a manager. Can you just talk about what he did in this series that got you to this position.
MATT BARNES: We're very fortunate to have a guy in A.C. who is not very far removed from playing the game, which definitely helps. You have a guy who won the World Series last year, so he knows what it takes to win a World Series.

But what he did in the postseason from pushing the right buttons, it seemed like every button he pushed was the right one. I was just talking about it from putting in Brock Holt last night, who hasn't played in a week, and the guy hits for the cycle. He puts in Vazquez and he's got a couple knocks and an RBI. Devers played the bat well with a couple knocks last night. And then he puts Kinsler and Nuny in again tonight, and you got RBIs out of those guys.

It seemed like every button he's pushing is the right one. I think he's got a great feel for the game. He understands the game. He does a great job of managing and communicating with everybody on what's going on, and I think it showed in this series, and it will be awesome moving forward.

Q. Matt, you mentioned before playing the Yankees all year. So you guys are beating up on each other all year. The season series was 10-9. Is it extra sweet for you coming into New York, beating them two games, and beating them here?
MATT BARNES: I think I'd lie to you if I said no. Yeah, I mean, it's one of the biggest rivalries in sports. This is it. This is kind of what you live for is Yankees-Red Sox postseason.

It's definitely awesome. I think winning the ALDS is fantastic. I don't know. I'm not going to -- it's definitely awesome.

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