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October 8, 2018

Aaron Boone

New York, New York - postgame 3

Boston - 16, New York - 1

Q. Aaron, it was reported on the TBS broadcast that Severino didn't throw his first warmup pitch in the pen until 7:32. Did he, in fact, warm up late, and if so, why?
AARON BOONE: No, he got his normal pitches routine, faced his couple hitters down there. So no, no issue with that.

Q. Aaron, he appeared to get hit pretty hard through the three innings. What did you see that made you feel comfortable with him to start the fourth?
AARON BOONE: Just hoping he could get something started to get through the bottom of the lineup there, and then we would have -- we're going to have Lynn ready for bats no matter what. And then once the first two guys got on there, thinking Bradley is in a bunting situation, thinking we're going to take him out and go to the pen there. It just snowballed on him. Lance had a little bit of trouble, obviously, coming in there. So it just turned into a really bad inning for us.

Q. With all of your power relievers available, or off yesterday, why not go to one of them instead of Lynn in that spot?
AARON BOONE: Well, because with Dellin, we figured we only had for an inning tonight. Certainly in hindsight, we could have started the fourth inning with Robbie or something, but we really felt like Sevy could at least get us a couple outs in that fourth inning before turning it over to Lynn, and then we could roll out our guys. But we just couldn't stop the bleeding at all. That was the thinking behind it.

Q. How hard is it to flush a game like this out of the minds by tomorrow, and what went into the decision with Romine there?
AARON BOONE: No choice but to flush. The good thing around today is it's one game, and as awful of a night as it was for us, we got to turn the page, and tomorrow's obviously do or die.

With Ro, it just got to that point. You know, obviously, you hate doing something like that, but we just felt like not wanting to use Robbie, Britton, Dellin, or Chappy in that spot, knowing that we're going to want them all potentially up to a couple innings tomorrow if we need it. So that's what went into that.

Q. Aaron, you explained it as the bottom of the lineup and hoping to get Sevy through, but he seemed to be getting hit very hard in those three innings, and you had talked about the urgency of this time of year in your pregame press conference. Should that have mitigated trying to get through the bottom of the lineup there?
AARON BOONE: I mean, in hindsight because he didn't get an out, sure. But you also understand with feeling like Dellin's a little short tonight and not probably having him in a multiple-inning situation and down three there, you're trying to kind of steal every out, and then once you get to Bradley, knowing it's a bunting situation probably, we just kind of stuck with him, and then hoping Lynn for those righties at the top that didn't work out well, and that inning snowballs on us. But that was the thinking behind it.

Q. What did you think about Severino's stuff? And where did you notice any issues he was having? And when particularly did you notice he might just not have it today?
AARON BOONE: I didn't think he was overly sharp from the get-go. I thought stuff-wise he was okay. He certainly didn't seem as electric as his last time out. I thought he shaped some pretty good sliders. He was mixing in his change-up enough. I thought the Red Sox did a really nice job of laying off close pitches, so they didn't expand much at all in those early innings against him, so that kind of hurt him a little bit.

Overall, not as sharp, obviously, as he was his last few starts, but I also feel like not too far off stuff-wise.

Q. When Lynn comes in with the bases loaded and nobody out, he's obviously not usually a reliever. Did you factor that into that, that another reliever would have more experience in that position?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, part of that, and also when we brought him in in Boston, we kind of thought in terms of that. But we also feel like we're past that and we're through that, and we feel like Lance, in a lot of ways, against righties gives us our best chance. He just didn't really have it tonight, but stuff-wise, the reason he's down there and in that spot is for that part of the lineup. He just came in struggling right away with his command. So the inning just got away.

Q. Aaron, why was Eovaldi so tough?
AARON BOONE: He's obviously been tough on us all year. Once he got the lead, he just continued to pound the strike zone. The cutter was a factor. He mixed in some breaking balls and some splits but was able to locate and elevate his four-seam fastball. It seemed like he mixed in some two-seamers as well, which isn't something he does a lot of. It seemed like that anyway from the side. But he once again was an issue for us.

Q. The start of the fourth inning, the first two guys reach a base against Severino. I don't think you had a guy up until after that second hit. Just wondering why you waited until --
AARON BOONE: Lynn was up.

Q. Actually after the first pitch --
AARON BOONE: Right, and he was the inning before, we were getting him ready too. So we didn't feel like -- we were just -- through the bottom of the order, the matchup we want was Lynn through the top against the righties. So once those two guys got on and it became a bunting situation, we were just going to ride Sevy through that spot.

Q. Aaron, just wanted to clarify because TBS was making a big deal that Sevy only had eight minutes to warm up. Are you saying that they're wrong?
AARON BOONE: I'm not saying -- I'm saying he had his -- he had plenty of warmup. He had what he intended to go down there and get done, and Larry said he was able to get through his normal routine, where he faces a couple hitters and everything. So it wasn't an issue.

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