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October 8, 2018

Dave Roberts

Atlanta, Georgia - pregame 4

Q. Obviously you don't want to ponder this scenario, but have you decided who would get the ball in Game 5?
DAVE ROBERTS: Clayton is going to get the ball in Game 5, if there is a Game 5.

Q. Would he or Ryu be available today in case of something weird happening?
DAVE ROBERTS: That's not our plan. Our pen is in great shape, so probably not.

Q. What was the kind of decision-making process there between Kershaw and Ryu in 5?
DAVE ROBERTS: Just it was pretty simple. I think that we had our reasons why we decided on Game 1 versus Game 2. But if there's a potential Game 5, we feel very confident that Clayton should be the guy taking the baseball.

Q. Dave, Matt Kemp was just in here and talked a little bit about what you call the sacrifice of being a platoon player and stuff. How do you sell that? What has the salesmanship been to guys like Matt and Dozier and so on?
DAVE ROBERTS: I think the No. 1 sell is to win a championship. And to sell guys that they can be a part in this process, in this collaboration, in this team in different capacities, I think is real, and we've shown that. And guys have delivered at different spots, and so I think that that's kind of the selling point.

But with that comes a sacrifice, and just understanding that when your number is called, then just be ready when called upon. So it's tough. It's an adjustment for a lot of players; but, fortunately, we have players that have bought into that. And I do believe that that's why we are mentally and physically, you know, at this point in time of the year in a good place, and I think that it's going to help us win nine more baseball games.

Q. I know last year in the postseason Barnes was doing a lot of the catching and Grandal wasn't. What was the process of talking to Grandal maybe after the season or before Spring Training and during Spring Training to kind of get him back on what he's shown he can do?
DAVE ROBERTS: It was obviously it was a different postseason for Yasmani who was essentially our starting catcher all of last year. But performance dictated different playing time, different decisions, as the postseason -- as we went through that last year. So the conversation this year was more of if you want to be the guy this coming October of '18, then performance matters and consistency matters.

So he responded to have a tremendous season. And he's a streaky guy. But I do think that in September he reset and put together the quality at-bats, and the defense has always been consistent, as with Austin. So I think for us we have two very good options. And obviously the playing time is kind of stark for both guys in respective post-seasons, but he's really put himself in a good spot, and last night was very indicative of what he's capable of doing.

Q. Dave, should there have been more two-strike swings out of you guys last night?
DAVE ROBERTS: I don't know. I think that you always want to see a guy have a two-strike approach, because in the Big Leagues half of your at-bats are going to come with two strikes, so logically speaking, it does make sense to have a two-strike approach; so whether there's an approach as far as shifting the field, shortening your swing, whatever it might be. Our guys aren't trying to swing at balls in the dirt, balls out of the strike zone. Some guys are geared to shorten up. Justin Turner shortens up.

But not every hitter, I guess, has that ability. But our guys are still competing each at-bat, and obviously the results in some of those spots weren't indicative of that. But I still feel good about our guys.

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