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October 7, 2018

Anastasija Sevastova

Beijing, China

C. WOZNIACKI/A. Sevastova

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk through the match. What do you think made the difference on your side?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I think she played solid in the beginning. I had chances in the second set. I think the second set should have been closer. Maybe I had even chances to win it.

But she played solid throughout. She didn't give me any presents. It was tough. Maybe I was not consistent finishing the points sometimes. That was a deal, making more mistakes than necessary.

But, yeah, she doesn't give you any presents. That's tough. You have to move well, play aggressive, and not make mistakes. It's tough. But she played her game, and she played it solidly throughout, yeah, whole tournament. I think she served pretty well today - better than me.

Q. This was the biggest final you have played. Do you think nerves, kind of the lack of experience on that stage, impacted your performance today?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Maybe in the first set. In the second set, I fought from 1-4. I think I can be proud of myself. I think I should have maybe even won the set because I was a better player then, getting better.

Maybe the first set was nerves. But it's normal. You have to accept it. You have to work through it. So next time I know how it is, I'll play better, I hope (smiling).

Q. On Monday you're going to hit a career high, just outside of the top 10 at No. 12. Reflect on what that means to you.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, I mean, if you're No. 15 or No. 12, I think doesn't make any difference. Only like the career high, that's the only thing, like the number gets better.

But, again, I think top 10, that's what counts. For sure I'm going to be proud of myself when I'm going to be No. 12 next week. But it's not over. You have to stay, like, down-to-earth, you have to stay calm, just do your job.

Also there are many things to improve in my tennis, mentally staying calmer. Maybe today was not it today. Yesterday I managed better. I have to manage it maybe day by day, match by match better. Then I think there's no limit, yeah. There is still a lot to improve, so that's a good sign.

Q. Did you think you raised your game a little bit in the second compared to the first one?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, I think I played a little bit better when I was down. But maybe she showed some nerves. It was a tough game at 4-3. I had chances to make it 4-All. There was this break. I don't know why it happened, what happened. I didn't hear. Maybe it also affected me a little bit.

But it's my mistakes, it's not hers. Yeah, it should have been 4-All, then it's quite an open game. But I played better in the second set, I think, end of second set, yeah.

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