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October 7, 2018

Luis Severino

New York, New York - Workout Day

Q. Sevy, you've actually pitched better at Yankee Stadium than you have on the road this year. Considering the park dimensions here, what do you figure the reason for that is?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't know. Maybe my wife cooks better food here. I don't know. I'm not sure. I think it's just feeling like I'm at home. I feel like it's very good, but I can't tell you any specific reason for it.

Q. Do you feel that with your winning yesterday and the two games here that the momentum has swung for the Yankees in this series?
LUIS SEVERINO: I mean, we always play good here at home and on the road too. We came here to win. I think that the two games we played in Boston, they were good games. The first game, we almost won it. It was close. And the second game, we know what happened.

We have a great team. We have a great lineup. We have a great starting lineup and starting pitching. So I think coming here is going to be good for us.

Q. Luis, you know what it's like playing the Red Sox here, but given it's the playoffs, what do you think the environment is going to be like tomorrow night?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think it's going to be like a regular game, the same atmosphere. The fans going to be loud. I'm looking forward to that night. Tomorrow I hope that all the people that came that day come tomorrow to support us and see us beat the Red Sox.

Q. Luis, you've faced the Red Sox so many times. What have you learned about their lineup that you carry into the postseason?
LUIS SEVERINO: I can't tell you the specific details because they're going to know. Maybe I can tell you tomorrow. I've got to say they have a good lineup, and I need to hit my spots, don't do mistakes, and try to go deep in my game.

Q. Luis, can you compare this start to last year's start against the Astros in the playoffs?
LUIS SEVERINO: I mean, they're a different lineup, but it's the same thing, playoff game. Like I say, they have a good lineup, so I have to go in there with my good stuff trying to go the deepest I possibly can. Last time I went four innings. This time I want to try to get to seven and then let the bullpen do their job.

Q. Luis, did you happen to see Judge last night with the boom box playing the "New York, New York" on the way out of Fenway?

Q. Is that a no?
LUIS SEVERINO: No, I didn't, man. We were waiting for Gary. Gary was there for a long time, so I wasn't there.

Q. I've spoken to Pedro, Pedro Martinez, about his unique relationship with you, which is interesting given the rivalry between these two teams. How has he helped you? Not specifically, but what types of things has he said to you to make you a better pitcher?
LUIS SEVERINO: Like I said, the last couple of years I've been asked a lot of questions about that. It's not about he's in Boston, and I'm a Yankee. In the off-season, we're humans. He's a great pitcher. He was a great pitcher, Hall of Fame. So when somebody like that offers to help you, you don't say no to those kinds of people.

Like I always say, we're working and a little bit of mechanics, hiding the ball. But that was it. The little details that he thought was a little out of balance and stuff like that. But after that, that was it.

Q. So when you hear that Judge was playing "New York, New York" outside the Red Sox clubhouse, do you feel like that adds something to this rivalry or to the fight here?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't know. I don't know. You need to ask that question to Judge. I mean, I didn't hear the music. You'd have to ask that question to him.

Q. Luis, when you were having difficulty in the second half, did you ever feel like you weren't still the ace of this staff?
LUIS SEVERINO: I always say every starter is the ace in his days to pitch. I don't believe that I'm the ace or this guy's the ace. Everybody here is a great pitcher. Everybody here deserves to be an ace.

I feel like in baseball it's more important the second half than the first half. I don't know why is that, but I always have confidence in myself. I know my struggle, and I know what it was that wasn't working that time. So I never lose my confidence in myself. The last couple outings, I came back and doing a better job.

Q. Luis, on television, before the Wild Card game, Pedro Martinez said that you told him that you were injured in the second half of the season. Were you playing through something, and what was it?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't know where he got that, but I didn't say nothing about I was hurt. If you hear that from Yankees staff or something like that, maybe you can believe it, but I don't know where you get that from. Like I always say, I care about my arm and being healthy. So I'm not going to go out there and compete if I'm not healthy.

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