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October 7, 2018

Xander Bogaerts

Matt Barnes

New York, New York - Workout Day

Q. Just a thought on having kind of a down day, almost away from the park, but just kind of letting things settle and getting ready for Game 3.
XANDER BOGAERTS: It's a good off-day. Tough loss yesterday. It's a good day to relax. We have an important game tomorrow. Try to go up 2-1.

MATT BARNES: It's definitely nice to lay low today. Bunch of guys working at the field. Getting ready to regroup, get out there, and get a win tomorrow.

Q. For Matt too. You guys haven't been in too many situations this year where you needed to win a game. You're going to have to win one of the next two at least. How is that kind of different from the regular season? And how do you think you guys will adapt to that?
XANDER BOGAERTS: The only aspect I think that is pretty much the same in the regular season is that we go day by day. So we just really focus on tomorrow and winning tomorrow. I think we've had a lot of success during the season on winning the game on that specific day and not worrying ahead. So I think we'll just go out and take the same approach. We know how important it is to win tomorrow, and we're looking forward to that.

MATT BARNES: I agree. We expect to win every day we come to the ballpark. Yesterday was a tough loss, but we expect to go out there and win tomorrow and win the next day. I think that's one of the reasons why we were so good during the regular season is that we don't get kind of caught up in anything other than the next game and worrying about that game and doing everything we can to win that one.

Q. Fenway and here are both notoriously difficult places for opposing players to come in. How are they similar, and how are they different?
MATT BARNES: I think you're talking about two places where their home fans are incredibly loyal to their team. They make it difficult for opposing teams to play. We've played quite a few games here over the last few years with this group of guys.

By no means is it going to be easy to win ball games here, but we have the absolute confidence that we can do that. If we can go out and control everything we can and play the way that we know we're capable of, I think everybody in that locker room is confident that we're going to win.

Q. How are they similar, and how are they different?
MATT BARNES: You're talking about two places that are historic franchises where the fans are definitely rowdy for their home team and against the visiting team. Other than that, I mean -- other than the fans, it's pretty much the same.

Q. Because it's such a short series, is there any sense that momentum swings to the Yankees because they won yesterday and they're playing the next two games at home?
XANDER BOGAERTS: No. To be honest, I don't think we've had that feeling yet. I don't know what our record is on the road, but I think it's pretty good. So we'll just take that in our advantage and use that going forward in these next few games we've got here.

Q. Did you guys see that video of Aaron Judge playing "New York, New York" when he walked by the clubhouse on the way out yesterday?

MATT BARNES: I haven't, no.

Q. For Xander; Spanish.
XANDER BOGAERTS: (Speaking Spanish.)

Q. Two questions, one for both of you. First, just a thought on having Nathan Eovaldi starting Game 3, and also Xander to follow up that with the challenge of facing Severino in Game 3.
MATT BARNES: I think what we've seen Eova been able to do this year against the Yankees is impressive. He's got electric stuff. He's gone out there and had multiple dominant outings against them. I think he's very confident pitching here and there. We're very confident in him. And expect him to have a good one tomorrow.

XANDER BOGAERTS: Eova's pitched here with the Yankees, so I think he's a bit familiar. But to be honest, I've faced both of them, and I think both of them have the same stuff. It's electric. They throw strikes. They're both power-dominant pitchers, and it's going to be a fun game tomorrow. Obviously, we know Severino had a good out in the last game, but we know we're a different team, and we're looking forward to that challenge tomorrow.

Q. For both guys: Both managers here are first time through. Can you describe your manager and how he keeps a level head and how he keeps everybody in the clubhouse having a level head.
MATT BARNES: Yeah, I think the really nice thing about A.C. is he's not very far removed from playing the game, which is awesome. And having won a World Series last year, he knows how to win, and he knows how to manage a team with a bunch of young players on it. He does a really good job of keeping the intensity and the expectation of winning but at the same time keeping it loose and having fun with it. And I think that's crucial.

He communicates with everybody well, and everybody's very clear on what we're trying to do. He doesn't add any pressure. He trusts us, and he knows that, when the lights come on, we're going to be ready to rock.

XANDER BOGAERTS: I mean, A.C. has done a fantastic job. Obviously, credit to Boony also over there with the Yankees. A.C. is our guy. He's been fantastic, the way he's been able to communicate with us, especially the training staff and stuff like that, giving us a lot of rest. They have a whole system in place now, and I think it's benefited a lot of our players. We're just looking forward to having a fantastic postseason also.

Q. Matt, Sanchez struggled down the stretch at the plate. Did that impact at all how you, as a team, approached him, or did you still look at him as what he showed he was last night?
MATT BARNES: First of all, everybody in their lineup can swing the bat. And, yeah, he struggled in the regular season and down the stretch, but the guy's a phenomenal hitter. He really is. When you make mistakes, he can do damage. We don't take anybody in that lineup, let alone him, for granted. You're trying to execute pitches at the highest level to every guy in that lineup because one mistake and they can leave the yard, 1 through 9.

Regardless of what somebody's done in the regular season, the postseason is different. It's different in all aspects, and you can't take anybody lightly.

Q. Xander, what do you guys have to do as an offense just to kind of put more consistent pressure on their pitchers than in the first two games?
XANDER BOGAERTS: In these games that's coming up now?

Q. Yeah.
XANDER BOGAERTS: I mean, I always say, if you score first, it's always beneficial for us. I feel like we really do play better whenever we score first. It's not an easy thing to do. But obviously, the postseason is good pitching and timely hits, all of that is important, but if you can try to find a way and score first and keep our same approach that we've had the whole season, I think we should be fine.

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