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October 6, 2018

Wang Qiang

Beijing, China


6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Could you talk about how much did the win impact the match?
WANG QIANG: Not much.

Q. You've been through so many matches on court, did you feel the fatigue catching up?
WANG QIANG: Yes. Physically speaking, especially after the match yesterday, I really felt that I was exhausted. I couldn't run as I wanted, as I'd expected. I was really struggling with my movement today.

Q. Yesterday you mentioned Wozniacki is very similar to you in many ways. You expected it to be very tough. Coming out of the match today, do you know how to deal with players like her? In what other ways could you improve in the future?
WANG QIANG: Are you asking what I can do in the future?

Q. Yes, what kind of improvements are you expecting.
WANG QIANG: Well, I made many errors. She's a person that doesn't make that many errors. I wanted to be more aggressive. I wanted to hit more winners. However, when you're facing a player like this, you can't be in a rush. You have to be patient, you have to plan going for winners. When you want to do that, that will force you to make more mistakes.

Q. You've done well in the past two weeks, defeating Sabalenka and Ostapenko, other players. Your short-term goal is to go to the second of a Grand Slam. What is the biggest achievement or what have you learned in the past two weeks?
WANG QIANG: Definitely the level of confidence. I really think I did very well in the past several weeks. I'm already surprised. I'm really looking forward to next season.

Q. You made more mistakes while being aggressive, while in the long rallies you were the one who actually won the points. Was that according to your game plan, to dominate and be aggressive?
WANG QIANG: Well, I understand, I know who she is. I know how she plays. From my part, I need to be more aggressive to get those points. But the biggest reason I lost the match today was I made mistakes.

Physically speaking, I had to raise my game in order to win those points. I made the mistakes. I wasn't fully prepared for today's match.

Q. We actually saw the draw in Hong Kong. Are you still planning to play in Hong Kong? You are five weeks into the Asian swing. Do you think you can still keep on going?
WANG QIANG: I'll try my best because I will definitely face the same situation in the future. I cannot give up easily.

Q. How do your coaches distribute the work?
WANG QIANG: One is the national team coach. The other is my foreign coach.

Q. Is he going to replace the national team coach?
WANG QIANG: It will be decided by the national team.

Q. Yesterday in the second set when you were down, you consulted with your coach, you were able to come back. Today you asked for your coach but it didn't work as well as yesterday. How has he been helping you in your career?
WANG QIANG: Well, I am a really needy person. I really rely on my coach. I actually listen to his instructions and try to follow through. If I trust someone, it is 100%. I will never doubt his decisions. His help is instrumental to me.

Q. After the match when you were hugging Caroline, what did she say?
WANG QIANG: She said good job. I said I needed a hug. I said good luck with tomorrow.

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