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October 7, 2018

Jessica Korda

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Nice win today. Tell us about your round today and what was the match like.
JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, you never know what you're going to have, especially coming out here and playing match play, but Madeline and I played pretty well. I think we both kind of started a little slow. I definitely missed a lot of putts early, left a lot of putts short today for some reason, and you never want to do that in match play. But yeah, just obviously happy with the outcome.

Q. How important was that win for Team USA today?
JESSICA KORDA: We're trying to put as many points up on the board and see if somebody can kind of take down certain team Korea girls. But they're playing so well, so we'll see.

Q. You're able to square the match on hole 5. After that you were just on a really great run. What was the key to your game today?
JESSICA KORDA: I just stayed patient. I gave myself a lot of opportunities and played smart, especially coming down the stretch. I didn't want to give up too many shots, so I definitely tried to play -- in match play you try to play as aggressive as possible, but I actually was taking it back and laying it up instead of going for it, so I really was trying to protect something.

Q. Two days of play with such quick turnarounds. How were you able to gear yourself up mentally and even physically?
JESSICA KORDA: I'm really tired. I definitely will be taking a couple days off after this obviously with Hana Bank right around the corner. It's going to be tough because usually after Solheim I feel like I sleep like six straight days, but this is something different and I think maybe a little bit less kind of physically exhausting than Solheim Cup, but at the same time, it's a lot of pressure.

Q. It's the end of the season and trying to wrap stuff up --
JESSICA KORDA: End of the season is the biggest thing. You'll see a lot of people making mistakes mostly from being tired and not necessarily just because it's a bad shot.

Q. If Team USA were to win, any celebration plans?
JESSICA KORDA: I have no idea. Obviously we're going to take it one match at a time. Hopefully Cristie can turn it around and Lexi it keep it together, and we'll just see what team Korea does.

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