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October 6, 2018

Aaron Boone

Boston, Massachusetts - postgame 2

Yankees - 6 Red Sox - 2

Q. Would you say Gardner at-bat in the second inning, the walk, was the pivotal moment in terms of knocking Price out of the game?
AARON BOONE: It was a really good at-bat. You know you're always going to get that with Gardy. Even at times where it's been a little up and down for him, that he just has a way of grinding out an at-bat and making the pitcher really work. Obviously that was a big at-bat and just kind of setting things up again, and adding on a little bit there early.

Q. Aaron, a lot of discussion with Gary in the past weeks has been about his defensive ability, but tonight his game-wrecking ability was on display. This is the breakout game or the type of performance you've been talking about or hoping for in the past --
AARON BOONE: Yes. We know he's capable of that. And you know, first three games into the playoffs, too, you know, almost more importantly he's caught really well. I think he's been really good back there from the receiving, blocking, game-planning, all those kind of things. And then tonight just a monster night.

You know he's capable of that. We all know he's capable of that. That's kind of what we've been waiting for to some degree where he can take over a game on offense. He was huge, obviously, tonight.

Q. What did you think of that shot off the stanchion in the seventh?
AARON BOONE: I enjoyed it. A little exhale at that point.

Q. The importance of Tanaka's outing, and with his pitch count so low, is there any thought for bringing back out for the sixth?
AARON BOONE: No. We had Dellin up and ready, and had Mookie come up to bat, even in the fifth as the tying run, we would have gotten him and brought in Dellin right there.

Masahiro was terrific. Set the zone. Really efficient with his pitches. Mixing early. Command. The Red Sox, they do a really good job of putting the ball in play, and they can be a tough out, especially even when he's got his split. But it was five strong innings for us to really set us up in a good position, and fortunately we were able to add on once he got out of there.

Q. Aaron, when did you kind of come around to the idea that four or five innings from a starter with this kind of bullpen is all you're looking for? We saw Severino the other night go as hard as you can to get to those guys. Why is that the right play for this kind of team?
AARON BOONE: Well, you know, one of our overwhelming strengths is our bullpen. And when you get into these postseason games, especially when you have some off-days sprinkled in, so you don't worry as much about workload. You know you can protect guys. You just kind of weigh what match-ups you like better, especially as you get to the second, third time through an order. If you're lined up in the bullpen with the guys we're able to run out there, we're going to do that on a lot of different nights.

You know, that said, I'll be happy if a starter can go out there and give us seven or eight strong. I'm in on that, too. But we're going to be really aggressive, especially around off-days when our guys we feel like are rested and ready to go.

Q. What would a starter have to do to get a chance to go seven or eight for you guys? You're always going to have those good relievers.
AARON BOONE: It may be score-dictated. It may be how efficient, how easy it seems they are going through lineups, things like that. There's so many things that go into it. So I wouldn't rule it out, but we'll be aggressive when our guys we feel like are lined up that we can roll them out.

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