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October 6, 2018

Gary Sanchez

Boston, Massachusetts - postgame 2

Yankees - 6 Red Sox - 2

Q. Gary, Aaron had quite a long home run in the first inning and then you followed that one up even better, probably. Did you think you could hit one out that far in that park? And what's it like when you see him hit his as far as he did?
GARY SANCHEZ: I mean, everybody knows that Judge has way more power than me. You know, I don't have to tell that to anybody. But a homer is a homer. And if we have the opportunity to score runs like that, you know, even if it's 300 feet, I'll take it. Anytime we score and we're helping the team, I'm going to take those.

Q. Gary, we spent a lot of time talking to you about your defense in recent weeks and you talked about working hard on it. What's it like tonight to be able to produce in that fashion offensively on such a big stage for your team, too?
GARY SANCHEZ: Yeah, well, it's the result of all the hard work. We put in so much work throughout the season in order to be consistent. Everybody in baseball is going to have ups and downs, you know. The good news is that right now I'm doing it on both sides of the plate. I want that consistency to keep on going.

Q. Also, there's only one other catcher in Yankee history that's hit two home runs in the postseason, and that's Yogi Berra. For you to join Yogi Berra is impressive company. What do you think of that?
GARY SANCHEZ: I definitely did not know that. But I can tell you it's an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as him, a legend of baseball. It's an honor to me.

Q. Gary, at any point during the season was your confidence shaken to the point where you might have thought something like this was not possible?
GARY SANCHEZ: Well, you know, I always stayed positive throughout the whole season. I know it was a rough season for me. It was a tough one. But you know that's the regular season, and that's done. We're done with that. Now we're playing the really exciting baseball. So to have an opportunity now to keep on playing and produce at this time it's actually more important.

And, you know, just keep on working and once the offseason comes, try to improve in all aspects.

Q. Gary, you had two big injuries during the regular season. How impactful were those two injuries for you as a catcher? Can you talk a little bit about that. Explain that.
GARY SANCHEZ: Well, I've got to say I can't use that as an excuse. Injuries are part of the game. You have to make adjustments. Like I always say, it's never late. And now it's a good time to do that.

Like I said, it's just never late to keep making adjustments and keep getting better.

Q. You know, taking into consideration all the injuries and how tough the kind of season you've had, what does it mean to you to have a game like this?
GARY SANCHEZ: Yeah, like I just said, you know, injuries are not an excuse. Just keep working. Keep working with my hitting coach. Keep working with my coaches, and keep on doing the work.

Q. Gary, congratulations. How was Tanaka different from his last couple of starts?
GARY SANCHEZ: Well, Tanaka, you know, the second part of the season he was very, very good for us. Tonight he was just executing pitches, keeping the ball low, attacking hitters. I think that was the key tonight.

Q. Gary, you know the manager has always given you a lot of trust in you, a lot, do you think this game kind of enforces that?
GARY SANCHEZ: Well, you know, they definitely have had a lot of confidence in me. And I have confidence in myself. Although it has been a tough season for me, I knew that I was able to produce the same way I produced last year. Like I said before, they have a lot of confidence in me, and I have it too.

Q. This season reminded me a lot of the end of 2010 in single-A with the RiverDogs when you struggled there. Were there any similarities? I just think it's so hard not to let self-doubt creep in. Did it remind you of 2010, and you were only 18 and a kid? Did the season remind you of that? And David Price, you seem to have his number. Is it something about the way he throws? Something you feel comfortable? Those two questions, the 2010 similarities and David Price.
GARY SANCHEZ: Yeah, it's a bit similar. Right. Thinking about that, going back to 2010. But I've got to tell you there's nothing like this season. It's been a struggle. The struggle has been much longer this year. You know, a little bit of a similarity there.

To answer your second question about David Price, I'm just looking for something in the zone. A good pitch to hit in the zone, high. I've been fortunate to be patient and find some pitches like that from him, and I've been able to hit them well.

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