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October 6, 2018

Alex Bregman

Marwin Gonzalez

Houston, Texas - postgame 2

Houston - 3, Cleveland - 1

Q. Alex, two-part question. First, what was it like watching Marwin at the plate? Secondly, what was it like playing behind Gerrit?
ALEX BREGMAN: First off, Marwin at the plate, I mean, he's a special hitter from both sides of the plate. He can do damage to the opposite field. He can do damage pull side, from both sides of the plate. He can hit fastballs. He can hit breaking balls. He can hit change-ups.

So it's really tough to pitch to him. I mean, today was an example of what he can do with the bat. I was fired up when he was up with first and second. I knew he was going to come through. I think everybody in that clubhouse knew he was going to come through. He takes a great swing at a slider, a little early, doesn't change his approach, and, boom, hammers a fastball down the right field line to give us the lead. He's been very clutch for us for a long time, especially, I think everybody remembers World Series Game 2, probably the biggest swing I've ever seen.

And then playing behind Gerrit, just dominant. Fastball was great. Breaking balls are great. But just his demeanor on the mound, his competitiveness, that's why. He is Gerrit Cole.

Q. Marwin, throughout the season, how much of a focus for you was working on your right-handed swing, and how much do you feel like it's improved throughout the year?
MARWIN GONZALEZ: I put a lot of work into the season. It was a tough season for me on the offensive side, but this is baseball. Everybody knows how hard it is, how hard it is to be consistent. I've been putting in a lot of work. It felt good today. It's always easy to play when you have a pitcher like Gerrit. He kept us in the game until we were capable to score runs. That gave us a little confidence.

So it's easy. 1-0. I'm not saying that it's easy to face Carrasco or any of their pitchers, but that gives you a lot of confidence when you have a small gain like that. He was amazing, and we were able to score in that inning, and then he came in the next inning and hit the homer, and that was huge for us and for our relievers to finish the game.

Q. Marwin, were you at all aware of your numbers against Miller, A; and then, B, can you take us through the process of having success batting left-handed at one point in the game and then switching in that spot and batting right there?
MARWIN GONZALEZ: Well, it's weird because I was all these days, I've been practicing from my left side because I know that all the starters are righties. I've just been swinging from the right side just a little bit, especially because Correa is behind me and Yuli's in front of me. So I didn't think that they were going to bring a lefty to face me. Well, I was lucky that I got the pitch and got the runs to win the game.

Q. Alex, take us through how meaningful it was to hit a home run in that situation and add on more breathing room. Like your sixth career postseason homer.
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, I think runs are huge in the postseason. Regular season, one run feels like a good lead. In the postseason when you're on defense, one run feels like nothing, but when you're on offense, it feels like a ton. Oh, God, we've got to score a run. So any time you can tack on, it's big.

I think yesterday we did a good job of it. I was just fortunate enough to put a good swing on the ball and give Osuna a little bit of breathing room. Him and Pressly have been amazing out of the bullpen. Hopefully, we just continue to play our brand of baseball in Cleveland.

Q. Alex, what did you go through as far as getting prepared for a game? Because you seem to play with -- like it's just fun for you, like there's no stress or anything like that. You come to the plate, and you smile, and after you hit a home run, you get so jacked. What is it like as far as your preparation is concerned?
ALEX BREGMAN: I think everybody on our team is very well prepared. I know our pitchers prepare days in advance for every hitter they're going to face, even guys that are on the bench. And offensively, our hitters are uber prepared. We know which counts pitchers throw, which pitches the most, different percentages -- there's a bunch of stuff. Our organization does a good job of providing us with that information, but our team is a very focused team, and we take pride in being prepared that we're out there.

Yeah, like you said, when we're out there, we're having fun, playing our brand of baseball, competing and trying to battle and trying to win the next pitch.

Q. Alex, how jacked were you when you guys landed Cole and knew he was going to be on your team?
ALEX BREGMAN: I was fired up. I mean, he's an all-star elite, elite, elite pitcher. To put him in the mix with Verlander, Morton, and Keuchel and McCullers, I mean, it's special. I was very, very, very thrilled and then found out that he's just not a good dude at all. We hate him. No, I'm kidding. (Laughter). We love him. He's great. He's great in the clubhouse too.

Q. For both of you guys being up 2-0, short series, five games, how do you all look at it, both of you?
ALEX BREGMAN: I think it's important that we keep our foot on the gas, show up and compete from pitch one and try to win the next pitch. You can't look forward. You can't try and do anything different but go up there and play baseball. As far as we're all concerned, we want to win on Monday, and all that matters is the pitch one, and then after pitch one has been thrown, pitch two.

MARWIN GONZALEZ: He said it all. We go in with the same mindset. We're going game by game. And every game is huge. We're going to try to finish it on Monday. That's the mentality that everybody has in the clubhouse, and like everything will be the same way.

Q. Alex, what are you looking against Bauer right there, knowing that he throws so much off-speed and so much spin? Are you looking for him to make a mistake, or what are you hunting there?
ALEX BREGMAN: I don't know. I don't know what I was looking for. Maybe that pitch.

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