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October 5, 2018

Walker Buehler

Los Angeles, California - postgame 2

Los Angeles - 3, Atlanta -0

Q. Walker, you pitched in that big Game 163. How do you think that's going to prepare you to deal with whatever you might be feeling for your upcoming start?
WALKER BUEHLER: I kind of look at it as like a baby step. Obviously this will be my first playoff game. But 163 has gotta be somewhere between a regular game and a playoff game.

You know, I'm just kind of going with the same game plan and try and stay under control.

Q. Walker, you and Dansby Swanson go back quite a ways. How bummed are you that you will not be able to face him in Game 3?
WALKER BUEHLER: For him, I wish he could play, but he's a good player. I just want to win games against that team. I don't really care who's on that team. He's not wearing our jersey, so kind of the past doesn't really matter too much.

Q. Walker, what kind of observations were you making and conclusions were you drawing watching Clayton's three hours tonight? What stuck out?
WALKER BUEHLER: I mean, obviously Kershaw was unbelievable tonight and kind of vintage Clayton. But at the same time, we throw with different hands, and we throw a little bit different. He's awesome to watch, but there's not a whole lot that I really take from him or Ryu just because the differences are pretty stark.

Q. If you could indulge me, just describe your and Dansby's relationship and how close you guys are?
WALKER BUEHLER: In all honesty, man, I don't really see a point to talk about it. He's wearing an Atlanta Braves jersey, and if I hang out with him in the off season, that's fine, but we're in the playoffs, so I don't really care.

Q. Walker, coming up last September and maybe not getting the results that you wanted up here, what did you kind of learn about yourself then and maybe like what you needed to do up here in terms of your repertoire or pitch mix to succeed at this level in 2018.
WALKER BUEHLER: I talked a lot about it in Spring Training. The biggest thing for me was trying to understand how to intentionally throw balls that look like strikes and end up balls, and throw pitches that look like balls and end up strikes. I think that's a huge thing at this level just because guys are so disciplined and have seen so many quality pitches in their career that you can't just beat them in the zone all the time. So focusing on that and trying to create some better tunnelling, I guess, is like the hot term for it. But pitches that look the same and end up in different places, trying to figure out how to do that a little bit better.

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