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October 4, 2018

Wang Qiang

Beijing, China

WANG QIANG/K. Pliskova

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Back in Wuhan, you defeated Pliskova. In that match she didn't serve well. In this match she served quite well. What made the difference today?
WANG QIANG: Well, she served better than last match. However, she wasn't really up to par today, not really playing her best. She made errors, unforced errors.

Q. Back in the second set, you were up 5-4. You were smiling facing the camera. Were you really determined you were going to win the match or you were smiling back to the crowd because they were cheering for you?
WANG QIANG: Well, it was just the camera, I saw my face because the camera was so close to me. I was a bit shy looking directly at the camera. That's why I smiled.

Q. Did you feel any pain in your legs?
WANG QIANG: Well, I've been relaxing, resting the past few days. I feel I'm almost recovered.

Q. Could you talk about the turnaround when you were down 1-4. You did not consult with your coach. How did you carry that out?
WANG QIANG: I didn't really think too much. I was down 1-4. I had to forgive myself. If you don't forgive yourself, you're going to make more mistakes.

It is a process of forgiving yourself and forcing yourself to do better.

Q. Pliskova said you really like her game, her pace. You defeat her in her own game. What do you think?
WANG QIANG: I think she's under a lot of pressure because she wants to go to Singapore. She is under a lot of pressure. That is why she's not playing her best.

Q. Compared to the first or second round, you were able to raise your level. Talk about your mindset now.
WANG QIANG: Well, honestly speaking, I'm not really playing my best. I've been taking a few days off. Couldn't really play my best tennis.

But I'm a little bit better than her today. That is why I won the match.

Q. When you talked about the breakthrough in the past several months, you mentioned your level of confidence. However, level of confidence doesn't solve all problems. Could you talk about what improvement you actually see in your physical condition, in your game compared to one year ago.
WANG QIANG: Well, compared to one year ago, I've been trained with my physical trainer for a long time. With the help of the national team, I've been very consistent. My hitting partner has been helping me a lot. I have been supported a lot by my team, which is critical to my performance.

This is not only my effort, but the credit goes to all the members of my team.

Q. It's becoming common when we are seeing Chinese players get into the final eight of a tournament. Is it a mental game or is it that players are getting stronger?
WANG QIANG: I think it's both. With so many people cheering for you, to a player this is highly critical, especially when you are down. With so many people cheering for you, I'm not fighting only for myself, I'm fighting for everyone. This is highly related to the support of fans.

Q. Your best performance in a Grand Slam is the third round. Pliskova was a runner-up in a Grand Slam. Have you ever thought about getting past the first week of a Grand Slam?
WANG QIANG: I've been thinking about that, too. My goal is to get to the second week of a Grand Slam. My short-term goal is the second week of a Grand Slam. I hope I can do better.

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