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October 5, 2018

So Yeon Ryu

In Gee Chun

Incheon, South Korea

Q. How difficult was today?
IN GEE CHUN: I thought the round was okay, start was good, so I was happy.

Q. So Yeon, it was a long day. I was really impressed with the crowds out there supporting you all in these conditions. How are you feeling? We don't know yet what's going to happen, but to get ready for a big push in session 3 in the singles?
SO YEON RYU: First of all, I really appreciate to all the fans who came out here today because the weather was pretty bad. I didn't expect them to come out with this weather conditions, so I'm very, very fortunate to play the tournament in front of home fans. Yeah, I think we had a really good feature in the morning, and we played about 10 holes this afternoon, and we played against England, Bronte Law and Jodi, and to be honest, we actually stopped playing because those two were tired out there today, and the conditions wasn't really great. I think for us it's better to be stopped and then just start again tomorrow.

Q. How excited are you to be in this position in your home country to win this title for the first time?
IN GEE CHUN: I'm always happy to play in front of them. I believe they're the best players in Korea. I'm ready to enjoy it on the last day, starting on the 11th hole tomorrow.

SO YEON RYU: Yeah, it's already very fortunate I am able to represent my country, and it's very special to play this type of tournament in front of the home fans, and if we are able to hold the trophy for the first time, it's going to be really special to be in Korea.

Q. Given what you had this morning, to go out this afternoon, how important was it to get some momentum going and keep some momentum going throughout the afternoon round?
IN GEE CHUN: So in the second round, the first round of this morning, I was a little bit frustrated because the game wasn't really going as I'd hoped for, and I think that we were able to win in the morning because of So Yeon. So in the third round, in the afternoon round, I really wanted to carry my weight as a teammate for So Yeon, so I holed two birdies on the 1st hole and the 2nd hole, and I think that got us off to a good start. I think my main goal was to carry my weight.

Q. So Yeon, it's different than stroke play where you can stop and start and go back out. You've got 72 holes to do that. In match play it's a little different. How difficult is it to keep the momentum going breaking up like this and going into tomorrow?
SO YEON RYU: I think we're actually happy that we stopped when we did because if you look at Jodi and Bronte, they actually had a really good morning and they won in the morning round, but they were quite ahead, so they were in really good form. So I think for us to break off right now maybe can give us an advantage point tomorrow to turn things around.

Q. England was always going to be your toughest competition within your pool; how important is it to go ahead and close this thing out tomorrow?
SO YEON RYU: So with this competition, obviously the single matches, they garner the highest points, so people obviously think that the single matches are important, but I think that going into the single matches, it's really important to ease the burden on ourselves by getting as many points as we can before we go into the single match, and when I look at I.K. and Sung Hyun, they're ahead by quite a number of holes right now, and so I'm pretty confident that they can do well tomorrow, and we're actually 1-down, so I think that with this four-ball match, if we can win with the exception of maybe one match, we'll do pretty good going into the singles.

Q. Does this weather remind you of England?
SO YEON RYU: Today the weather conditions was quite a bit like England; maybe that's why they played well in the morning.

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