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October 5, 2018

In Gee Chun

So Yeon Ryu

Incheon, South Korea

Q. ... firmly in your hands and then things started to slip away a little bit. What did you say to each other to stop the Australian push and end up winning in the end?
SO YEON RYU: Well, in general In Gee played so well today, so, well, actually was nearly felt like we were down when she made a birdie two in a row, so I just kept telling In Gee, We're still 1-up. This is our game; it's not their game. Just really trying to encouraging each other.

Like to be honest, the back nine I think my concentration level was a little low; then I had a lot of bad shots, but In Gee was (indiscernible) really well, so I'm happy that I could help her out at 17.

Q. This course and this day is very, very difficult. What adjustments did you make with your game to be able to play well with this course playing so tough?
IN GEE CHUN: I thought my shot was not really well today, but I try in mind keep trying positive thing on the course. That was help a little bit, yep.

Q. That has been to an incredible experience for you all to be playing in a UL International Crown for the first time in your homeland. Tell me a little bit about what this whole week has been like so far for you, and having these amazing crowds rooting you on?
SO YEON RYU: Well, to be honest like right as soon as the UL International Crown announced 2018 venue going to be in Korea we started to be like really nervous about it.

Obviously if you're playing in the homeland you kind have a benefit, but at the same time you have an extra pressure. So that was really tough thing to dealing with.

But we just played yesterday with huge crowd, and we realized that is actually the more benefit instead of pressure. So we been really enjoyed it. Hopefully we can have a really good performance in front of them and make them happy on Sunday.

Q. Can you explain how you played so well in what was pretty much miserable conditions out there?
SO YEON RYU: (Through translation.) I think that in the front nine I did pretty with the. I didn't make any mistakes with my putting and I caught a lot of birdies. Front nine was smooth sailing.

On the 9th hole, second shot, that shot I didn't intend it to drop like that, but it actually worked out for us; we were able to earn one more hole.

Towards the back nine In Gee did very well. In Gee backed me up, so I think that was what helped us in the back nine holes.

Q. For the last two days you have done that. You both have come through when the other has been out of a hole. You have to feel great having this partnership to rely on when somebody isn't playing well.
IN GEE CHUN: (Through translation.) You're right. I think looking back at the two days we had great team chemistry. Whenever I made a miss or a mistake she was there to back me me up and vice versa.

I think the front nine for myself there were birdie opportunities that I kind of wanted to make but I couldn't. That's when she stepped in, So Yeon stepped in, and she made a lot of birdie putts.

I also tried to encourage her given how I was doing in the front nine. I think at the end of the day I have to really commend So Yeon, because I think she really did well and ultimately pulled our team for victory.

Q. How do you prepare yourself mentally for what is obviously a very long day in some pretty miserable conditions?
PLAYER: (Through translation.) As you've said, the weather is not favorable, but I think that everybody is playing under the same conditions. So I think that we have an advantage in that we have fans still out there supporting us.

So looking back on the two matches, I think we had a good chemistry and played well. I think we can ride on this momentum. If we do so, I think we can do well.

Q. Speaking of the fans, since you both play in America most of the time now, do you forget that when you come over here you're Elvis?
IN GEE CHUN: Actually, I haven't been on tour as long as So Yeon, so I still know what it's like to have the fans out there on the field. I'm always grateful for that. Besides like their support on the field, we all have fan clubs and we continue to communicate and they continue to wish us well through the fan clubs.

I can still sense their affection all the time.

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